Umar Johnson Shows How Effortless It Is For Him To Copy His Main Idol!!


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  1. Greetings my beautiful sister I have just uploaded my latest video on the con man and gave you a special shout out as per usual,I know you going to love this video,so I be waiting for your response to my video,as his BAN in the UK is in full effect as has he entered back here since I implemented the BAN?peace my sister,

  2. Umar is exploring the very boundaries of narcissism, as an astronaut would explore the impossible frontiers of space.

  3. Jim Jones reminded of Sam Kinison when he was “screaming”….!!!! “AAAAHHHH!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!”😜😜😜😜😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  4. The similarities between Jim Jones and UJ are chilling. Brainwashed fools are just as dangerous as their leaders. Wow! The people cheering Jim Jones as he spoke about the deaths of the Congressman and his camera crew was highly disturbing to say the least. And of course as any evil man would, he blamed the Congressman for his own murder. Wow!

  5. Umoist is an Ambulance Chaser & 💰 Chaser & Attention Whoring! SMDH Somebody Kill it Quick 😂 Tired Of this Negro here!!! ConsciousCoonCon-Man & will Beg a 🐈 off of an Louisiana Fish Wagon!


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