Warning: Watching This Video Will Raise Your Consciousness

Jazz is very subjective. Some will love this, others not so much. But at least check it out.

Please do not view this video while driving. Doctor Pitt – Pharoah Sanders on tenor, John Hicks (!) on piano, Curtis Lundy on bass and the great Idris Muhammed on drums.


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  1. I was excessive with Pharaos Sanders ; he s playing the tenor sax with a lot of energy , the pianist and the drummer are in place.it s everyone in the same time and this is quite « brutal « .🎷🥁🎻🎹

  2. Everyone in this video is phenomenal. John Hicks is amazing. I like Pharaoh Sanders just sitting back and letting Hicks roll with it, man. That's awesome. At around 11 minutes in when Hicks gives it back over to Sanders and then he goes nuts. I dig this a lot.

  3. I always loved Pharoah Sanders, I think he is one the first masters I have seen playing in a Jazz festival and still today, I remember the performance and the feeling I had at that time, astonishment !
    Thank you Jazz Video Guy for all these great videos

  4. Great performance by a great band. Reminds me of their Lp on Teresa Records called ‘Live’. Dig Freedom on that one , but only if this performance peaked your spirit. Well maybe also if it didn’t, That one will blow your mind, promise.

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