Black Chakra – "Pass" @WANPOETRY (TGS 2018)

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Black Chakra performing “Pass” at the 2018 Texas Grand Slam Poetry Festival finals at Texas A&M University.

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WANPOETRY is a community-oriented collective of poets that meet at AvantGarden in Houston, Texas every Wednesday at 7:30 PM with the purpose of providing a multimedia platform for poets to share their work.

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  1. Wow!!! This was great…genius! I just dropped my first poetry video and this my first search for one on YouTube and I’m loving the energy and the atmosphere. Can’t wait to make more!✊🏾

  2. Watch "Black Chakra – "Pass" @WANPOETRY (TGS 2018)" on YouTube

    Well to say football started in 1892 and the 1st African American wasn't allowed to play until 1920's it wasn't a sport made for them just dominated by them like most sports. I understand what he trying to say but it also seems like he's calling young men who play the sport slaves. Which they are not , yes the system needs to be changed with some of the rules of freedom of speech and right to protests without consequence and they are improving equipment for better safety but you can't belittle them for playing a sport that provides them not only with an income that helps them make change in their communities but supports their families. Yes his rhyme is powerful and makes you throw up the ✊🏾 but it's more to it than just black men running on a field catching a ball. Those men are educated business men that worked hard to do what they love and will continue to bring change to the system and their communities.

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