Flashback: 100 Hits Mums & Dads Reggae Classics (Platinum Edition)

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Derrick Morgan – 007
The Melodians – Rivers Of Babylon
Justin Hinds – Sinners
Derrick Morgan – Train To Skaville
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes – On Saturday Night
Derrick Morgan – I Shall Not Remove
Phyllis Dillion – Don’t Touch My Tomato
Brent Dowe – Sweet Sensation
Derrick Morgan – Black Head Chiney
Pat Kelly – Queen Majesty
The Gaylads – It’s All In The Game
Delroy Wilson – What Am I Living For
Come On Little Girl
Dennis Brown – Spanish Harlem
Derrick Morgan – Humpty Dumpty
Jackie Edwards – Sweetest Love Letter
Ken Boothe – Drums Of Freedom
The Pioneers – Trouble Deh A Bush
Pat Kelly – Funny Familiar Forgotten Feeling
Johnny Clarke & Hortense Ellis – In Paradise
Johnny Clarke & Al Campbell – Behold
John Holt – I Made A Vow
Delroy Wilson – There Is Something On Your Mind
Delroy Wilson – Since I Met You
Johnny Clarke & Doreen Shaffer – Let It Be Me
Johnny Clarke & Hortense Ellis – Dearest
Pat Kelly – Love Me Tender
Derrick Morgan & Hortense Ellis – Good Luck Young Lovers
Derrick Morgan & Hortense Ellis – We Will Be Lovers
Johnny Clarke & Hortense Ellis – Baby Come Back To Me
Pat Kelly – People Get Ready
Pat Kelly – Won’t Cry
Derrick Morgan – Blazing Fire
Pat Kelly – My Way
Jackie Edwards And Hortense Ellis – Hearts Desire
Johnny Clarke & Hortense Ellis – Just Want To Stay Here & Love You
Pat Kelly – Are You Lonesome Tonight
Jackie Edwards – My Paradise Princess
Johnny Clarke – This Is My Story
Dennis Brown – You’re Always On My Mind
Peter Tosh & The Wailers – Stop The Train
Pat Kelly – From Both Sides
Derrick Morgan – Via Con Dios
Jackie Edwards – Till We Meet Again
Bruce Ruffin – Dry Up Your Tears
Pat Kelly – You Are My Everything
John Holt & Hortense Ellis – So Long Baby
John Holt – Girl Of My Dreams
John Holt & Hortense – I’m Leaving It Up To You
George Faith – I Won’t Cry
Derrick Morgan – Seven Letter
The Gaylads – Peace Love And Understanding
Ken Boothe – I Wish It Could Be Peaceful
The Gaylads – Soul Sister
Delroy Wilson – Gave You My Love
Ken Boothe – Keep My Love From Fading
The Wailers – Back Out
The Pioneers – Samphie Man
The Gaylads – Someday I Will Be Free
Bruce Ruffin – Bitterness Of Life
The Maytals – Monkey Girl
The Maytals – Walk With Love
Ken Boothe – It’s Gonna Take A Miracle
George Faith – Have I Told You Lately
The Melodians – It Took A Miracle
Derrick Morgan – Easy Snapping
The Melodians – Rock It With Me
Delroy WIlson – Got To Get Away
Derrick Morgan – They Got To Come
Delroy Wilson – Pack Your Things
The Pioneers – Driven Back
Derrick Morgan – Carry Go Bring Home
Bruce Ruffin – I’m The One
The Maytals – Peeping Tom
The Pioneers – Battle Of Giants
The Gaylads – Don’t Listen To The Rumours
The Maytals – African Doctor
Derrick Morgan – Be Still
George Faith – Turn Back The Hands Of Time
The Pioneers – Money Day
Ken Boothe – Now I Know
Brent Dowe – Little Nut Tree
Bruce Dowe – Free The People
Pat Kelly – Started A Joke
Glen Ricks – Julie On My Mind
The Melodians – It’s My Delight
Brent Dowe – Passion Love
The Pioneers – Let’s Give Praise And Thanks
The Gaylads – There’s A Fire
Glen Ricks – Dinner For One
Brent Dowe – Last Train
Derrick Morgan – Rasta Don’t Fear
Beverley All Stars – Be Yours
Jackie Edwards – Are You Lonesome Tonight
Derrick Morgan – Rough Rider
Derrick Morgan – Tell Me Darling
Glen Ricks – Let’s Fall In Love
Dawn Penn – To Sir With Love
Owen Gray – Endless Love
Brent Dowe – Have You Caught Me

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Comment (7)

  1. Well that was a weird day 🙂 i am tiling a couples kitchen & the fella loves a good smoke 🙂 🙂 so i had this on all day & got sod all done cos me and my customer got stoned & and spent the day reminiscing on all these GREAT tunes . so you get a huge thumbs up & a massive thank you xx 41 years i been a tiler and never had such a amazing day @ work x

  2. Yeah, man, sure i like it… I was 16 year old, now, i'am 61. A nice tribute to all this artists, now i see that you have post a lot of other compilations about reggae music, shure i will take a max of pleasure to rediscover all those unknow artists for the most of them.
    Many thanks Reggae2Reggae. Kinds regards from my little country. André from Belgium.

  3. i was Young and fanatic of reggae music, calypso,  and roots reggae in this time. What a nice compilation of reggae music.
    Sure not all of this had a big reputation so as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and many others, but … Woahw, a very best compilation.
    Thanks for this great moment. André from Belgium


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