We Moved From America To Ghana To Grow Crops Organically

We are changing the narratives Of Mother Africa through Youtube videos One Country At Time.We are Currently In Ghana It’s Time For Africans To Unite & Tell Their Own Story!-
Ahmahtsiyahu In Eden
We Need Your Support To Make This Project A Successful One

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  1. I want my children to be freeπŸ’™so true.i have 3 sons I worry each day . that they are kept safe.and finding and being more in tune with your spiritual selfπŸ’ƒ

  2. This is incredible! I have started something like this in Uganda. It’s a family organic farm, retreat center we will have farming camps for kids and accommodation for anyone who wants to get in touch with nature and the soil. As Africans we need to stop this nonsense that farming is for the poor and the old. Let’s invest in the future of Africa. Check it out on face book at Hafna Family farms and Hafna organics on Instagram. Thank you

  3. This is God speaking to us African Americans! I've been on a hard research and planning for this very thing. Our freedom does not exist in America, yet we stay in this battered relationship. We are devalued and treated so unequal, and have been for generations. Our United States elders raised us to respect whites like they were taught for generations thru slavery and segregation. Black is the source of all they have here in America. It's our ancestors backs they stood on, and still benefit from to this day and still no repayment. No apologies. We are wasting our resources and commerce if we continue to feed this system of white supremacy in America. I am sick of it. We should all be sick of it and ready to take action. This needs to be a Black agenda, seriously. I'm working on a plan to find my ancestry, and start to connect with my heritage. Next I will plan to visit and establish relations there and find out what resources can be provided. We need to empower our home land. America is NOT OUR HOME LAND. Get out of the illusion of inclusion. Paradise and freedom is calling us home… Imagine how much respect we would get in America, if we had the power to pull out and relocate. They get all of their culture from what we create. We are like their golden geese. I love this video! Crops, Water traps, land! Has anyone heard of Earthships? Discover it. That is a very sustainable unharmful house built out of mostly recycled materials, and powered by alternative energy sources. Africa is the perfect place to start building them. I'm getting too excited man…

  4. I'm really proud of this couple. It's about time we returned to the motherland. Why be in a place where u are uniquely superior yet treated like an inferior when you can be back home and treated like a royal while living like and king and accepted by your own people? Africa is calling, come home.

  5. If your African and would like to learn forex Trading their an man offering free lesson to African people only, so don't spend your family inheritance on going to Europe learn how to make more the telegram group is as follows

  6. Well spoken brother. White people (multinational) have been discouraging blacks from ever going back to Africa so they can continue pilling Africa of its resources. We now know their evilness and we're all moving back to back to Africa and kick their butts out of Africa for good.

  7. God bless you sister .seen you in your African attire, I am so happy. 😭😭😭😭.I am from Togo ,we love you all. No one will love you more than your brothers and sisters in the continent.

  8. Predictable black people. They comfortable with the stupidity of black people. They content with blacks coming together now because history has proven they a non threatening. So yes black people. Move from country to country. Build it up until the white asians and Indians off springs are ready to develop it, create laws and to put you where you belong. In the out house.

    We are a stupid and pu$$y race.

    We do what white people want

  9. Everything my brother and sister said it's so true and ye! Inspiring, wisdom filled and exquisitely delivered. Can't wait to come home. Stay blessed my family


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