Umar Johnson Seasonal Demon Possessed Shams-Abuse-Temper Tantrums In Full Swing!


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  1. Just for clarification. Does Umar Johnson have any degrees? If so, can someone name them. Also, didn't he purchase a house for an acquaintance/girlfriend before buying the school? Too much going on and who are these people traveling with him? There is something sinister about this whole thing.

  2. To all the people in the comment section with common sense. Black people standing around in a room listening to a lecture isn’t accomplishing anything. No plans for organizing or unifying just a bunch ceremonial b.s. and hot air. We need to start bringing together like minded people to develop communities, to educate our children and create companies the we can control. Ufraud has yet to show you anything tangible that he has done other than run his mouth. A building isn’t a school without students just like a home is not a home without people living in it. Ufraud will never be successful with this school because he doesn’t have the skills to truly bring people together. He’s a circus barker. Look at the people he surrounds hisself with and point out someone who you think is an asset to him. He only deals with followers because he can’t work with true leaders!

  3. And that’s the “most requested scholar in America!” It’s all gone wrong for Jermaine Shoemake….lol. I do believe the worst is yet to come!!!!!!!

  4. This BUM is scrambling for whatever he can get out of someone. The day's of big donations are done,and he knows it. And as always my sister,keep both feet on their necks!!! 🖤

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