In Pakistan I thought Africans Are Vampires!

I thought Africans Are Vampires!

What An African Think Of Pakistan

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Comment (49)

  1. yo this is crazy, live and let live. when someone seems different than you, its another chance to unite as people. we shouldnt teach kids these stupid things, if we just let them be, they will love everyone equal. in nepal bob marley is like god, Pele's story is in every kids coursebook. One love. ..! ::D

  2. …Its very possible that abject poverty…can turn you "into a CANNIBALISTIC VAMPIRE with an unquenchable thirst for HUMAN BLOOD"…be very careful for you have been warned; be your brothers keeper!!!

  3. I am suprised at what these guy is saying or his perception about Africa before,because the images of Pakistan on CNN is not very different from Africa.So i see an an element of ignorance and stupidity here.I will understand it better if its coming from somebody from a more developed world but certainly not where he's from.

  4. Even. Black ppl in different parts of the Globe have those THINKING* about Our African bro & sista….
    I'm from Jamaica I can remember my school mate will call me African because i look like a.real African.*.But it not in a good way.*They tease an laugh at me..But it is a globalise teaching to hate ourself
    And to keep us divided..
    But thing has come a long way since..Social media.and you is doing a great job..ITS a propaganda to keep
    African & Africa look
    Bad.for over 400 yrs

  5. I have a mixed feeling about this
    First I felt sorry that others think about as this way. But at the same time it's good to know there are people who have negative perception about africa. As the pakistani brother said it's the media that created such a stereotype. There got to be alot to be done on image building and my bro Wode Maya you're doing a great job. Keep it up.

  6. We are light in the world. Don't lesson to racists people if you cheek Pakistan what they do his own people it's really shock you! I have so many friend from Pakistan I do ever things what I can do but they gossiping me each other

  7. I am in brazil and I have friends from pakistan, but the first day my friend showed me her girlfriend through video call, the girls quickly responded you talking with blacks, I don't like them, they are ugly and wicked. And my friend told me that this is their perception in pakistan. Even the Pakistanis in between themselves, they don't treat each other equally because of tribalism.

  8. There is a say which says that trust and verify…so the assholes called whites people just always don't think twice before they believe that African eat human beings!.. What the fuck man! Don't to you think that we are human beings like you?. This shit is too much.. African are human beings and they don't eat people period! Trust and verify..
    Aiya Maya …bro the video is so annoying though

  9. Esto es lo que ya me faltaba por oír,que pakitan hablando mal de África un país que no tiene principios ni moral un país donde se hobliga a la violada a casarse con su violador un país donde existe pueblos que si traes al mundo una niña el alcalde te suministra el veneno para matar a tu hija solo por ser mujer,no me lo puedo creer que aremos mal que no criticamos a ningún país y siempre nos critican

  10. Why are people blaming Pakistanis about the perception. I have met Russians, Indians, Lithuanians, Even Latinos who thought even worse about Africans. For example, the Indian lady told me they are thought to run from Africans because African men would try to rape them.

  11. Well to be fair I use to think that Pakistan was filled with smelly Muslim fanatics that bred with their 1st cousins so offense taken from the Pakistani dude for his ignorance.

  12. Actually the western media made believe not only Pakistanis as well as people from many other countries that “Africa has nothing but Poverty & Wild animals”….The media show us only the poor part of Africa So many Pakistanis have stereotype thinking about Africa but things are changing because of easy access to internet…My stereotype thinking got changed after I started traveling & met many Africans…Now I have some wonderful friends from Senegal,Ghana,Nigeria,Egypt & Morocco…. I appreciate the efforts of “Wode Maya” & people like him who are promoting the positive side of Africa…Lots of love from Pakistan & stay blessed.

  13. Tbh I don't really care what other countries think, I know who I am, where I'm from and the struggles of my ancestors. No one can tell me who I am or who I should be.

  14. Yo woda maya brother why are you giving likes to stupid comments who are saying that Pakistanis are terrorists and bullshit like that ? If you want to break stereotypes then what the hell is this ? Where's your part how is your approval to stupid racist comments helping the rightful cause ? Why are you supporting racism in the comments section ? I thought you was a great intelligent guy and i am shocked at seeing what have you done in comments (giving hearts❤ to racist and ignorant comments)

  15. No we don't believe that lol but he said that some do so maybe some idiots do think that but majority Don't what i know is that Africa is a continent and not a single country unlike what alot of Americans believe to be the case also not everyone in Africa is poor i mean yes generally Africa is poor but that's because of the European colonization and exploitation of African people and African land also i know that Africa is a very resource rich continent they have a lot of natural resources like water,oil,gas,gold, diamonds minimals and more and that's what i can recall just off my memory atm but no Pakistanis doesn't believe that Africans are vampires or practice cannibalism (tho the later one is true for some tribes in African jungles but of course those are a rare case

  16. It's western mainstream media that's propagating hate and wrong perceptions of people and their countries but social media is helping out and educating people on their ignorance……We all grew up to think that an average Pakistani is a terrorist suicide bomber due to the bad images western medias have been portraying about Pakistan but that's not true………

  17. The best continent in the world with the best beautiful and strongest people in the world. Love you my brothers and sisters.

  18. Pakistan despite having a strong military and growing middle class has its problems like poverty, honor killings, malaria, terrorism, persecution of minorities, etc. Let's respect each and have understanding of our respective situations.


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