We Moved From America To Ghana To Farm!

We are changing the narratives Of Mother Africa through Youtube videos One Country At Time.We are Currently In Ghana It’s Time For Africans To Unite & Tell Their Own Story!-AFRICA TO THE WORLD

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  1. Great video! I actually met them on my trip there 1.5 years ago. Very nice guys, and work hard! I've also seen some of the fruits of their labor, literally and figuratively. Great to see them again.

  2. I watch all your videos but somehow this one has really touched me…It's not easy, its not shiny, it's not glittery….But it's better and it's for us. Thank you Maya!

  3. I had seen these brothers in a previous videos with brother Bomani, i also strongly believe they had relocated back to the US, glad to see them again doing what they love, growing food the natural kind, hope to connect when i get to Ghana.

  4. Africa is a great continent and is for Africans just as Asia for Asians and America for Americans. We travel to different parts of the world to see how others live. If you travel abroad and you are treated bad, go back to to your continent and stop complaining about racism. Jehovah Yahweh put us where He wants us to live. Whatever race you are, Jehovah Yahweh made you. Do not hold anyone responsible for your success but you. Don't complain about racism, move on…..go where you are celebrated. Everything a person needs to be successful is on the continent of your race. Don't fight, move on. The Earth is Jehovah Yahweh and the fullness thereof.

  5. For some context about Ghana's role in the global Black struggle:
    1. The symbol on Ghana's flag is Marcus Garvey's "Black Star".
    2. Dr Kwame Nkrumah was introduced to Pan Africanism by CLR James and George Padmore (both from Trinidad). Dr. Nkrumah even gave George Padmore a state funeral in Ghana.
    3. Dr Martin Luther King Jr was present at the Independence of Ghana in 1957, this was one of his inspirations.
    4. Dr Nkrumah hosted Malcolm X and delegation of Rastafari Brethren from Jamaican.
    5. Ghana offered visaless entry to Jamaicans during Jerry Rawlins administration.
    6. Rita Marley once lived in Ghana
    7. Current Ghanaian Prime minister Nana Akufo-Addo visited Trinidad as a young man to participate in carnival and again as head of state in 2019.

  6. You guys should try Hydroponics! That's what I'm gonna do. Hopefully, I can spread it throughout the entire continent! Especially in the smaller villages! No more hungry people in Africa at all!

  7. Driving a divisive wedge between black Americans and Africans was an agenda practiced when Jimmy carter a demo crat was at the helm!! yet most black Americans vote this party in office year after year to cement the sufferings of black folk and future generations in stone!! We need to evaluating and reforming our practices every minute of our earthly lives to learn about ours selves, and our enemies, and most importantly reform the way we think cause practicing the same things and getting the same results is tantamount to insanity.


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