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  1. Questions for everyone. Do we REALLY have a definition for what "African" means? I mean Really?
    Honest questions. WHEN did our continental 'African' people start calling themselves "African?"
    Ask the chiefs and the OLDEST Elders WHAT INDIGENOUS language does "African" & "Africa" come from?

    Everyone is so quick to follow things that most dont question WHERE did these labels come from? And WHO is the author?

    I honestly believe from my research "Africa" is NOT and indigenous name and actually came from outsiders. How else did ALL of the inhabitants of the continent get on one accord to start calling themselves this? All these different tribes, languages and cultures? from North South East and West.

    Now dont get it twisted, for the sake of SOLIDARITY I'm an African. I'm also melanated . I'm also a so-called "Black man" and "African American" for the sake of solidarity with those who are specific to my tribes of people where I come from in the diaspora of America

    I'm also a descendant of the Gullah Geechie. I'm NOT going to stop identifying with culture and history my IMMEDIATE people created. No more than the Gaa, Asante, Ibo, Yoruba, Oromo, Maasai, or ANY other Black, African would of THEIR ethnicity. You dont erase YOUR ACTUAL history just because you gain a new perspective and identity. whether it was always there or not.

    An Arab who also lives on the continent of Africa technically is an African as well.

    We need to get much more SERIOUS about assuming identities , yet NEVER questioning and RESEARCHING their origins.

    I'm curious to hear some intelligible feedback about the ORIGIN of this name. Not speculation , not regurgitated hear say or emotion, but ACTUAL facts in the form of EVIDENCE that this term 'African' is indeed indigenous to so-called Black African people and how?

    Peace & Love

  2. I am an African , born in Africa live in USA. I am proud of my heritage. I Love all my people whether they are born in the continent or in the diaspora.

  3. Let's DROP that "black" thing…We never called ourselves "black"….Let's not keep that tag name whites decided to put on us…We are AFRICANS…That color name tags is just a white supremacy code to place value on you…In the white culture, black is not respected. Stop devaluing yourselves by calling yourselves "blacks"…You are AFRICANS…Your ancestors never ever named you "black"… Moreover, our skin colors comes in all shades that doesn't even matter in OUR cultures…Those Europeans call you black because they don't respect you and call themselves "white"…..

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  5. I am an African born in America (Brooklyn). My family roots in the States are in NC (Gullah). My roots in Africa are mostly Sierra Leone, Gambia, and that area. But make no mistake about it, I am an African….a stolen African

  6. Let me give a little bit of our history. In the beginning the slave masters had a very tough time controlling Africans until the slave masters figured out these Africans were mentally strong because the Africans knew that they came from very strong empires. The slave masters did their best to break those ties by hiding and lying to us. By doing this, the slave masters were able to control most of the Africans. This is has been going on for hundreds of years and it is hard to see if you were born into it and have been passed down to the next generation. This is one of the many reasons why some Africans don't want to be associated with Africa. It has been programed into them.

  7. Thank You Wode Maya; I am sincerely grateful as an African American that you are interviewing and letting us speak for ourselves presenting whom we truly are., displaying the fire in our Souls. Showcasing our sincere Love for the Motherland. In America when a normal everyday Citizen lives a life that makes a definitive positive change some are awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. You have sincerely earned one from the Global African Family. My humble thanks again.

  8. And I live with many African Americans,they think that we live in jungles and forest and they keep compare wakanda with new Africa ,,most of them they don’t do research about how we are developed in this era

  9. I’m an African 🇬🇭 born in the UK. I’m proud of my heritage, but I can understand it’s not easy since not being taught it by our parents due to the generation way back.

  10. I'm an African born and living in Jamaica. It's a curious thing. I'm a child of the 60's, and as far back as I can remember, Rasta were the only ones in the diaspora, teaching love for, and appreciation of Africa. It's now clear they were on to something. Rasta elders set me on a path to knowledge. No I am not Rasta, but I'll be forever grateful to them.

  11. I'm African born in America ……. mainly from west and central Africa, with a small heritage from Sudan and Madagascar … according to genetic test.

  12. It's the same thing as white people living in the USA. We don't necessarily say we're "EUROPEAN;" just white or Americans. I really don't know why you wanna force someone refer to himself/herself as African. Let people label themselves in whatever manner or way they feel a closer connection to. You shouldn't tell people how they should be categorized.

  13. The media and western propaganda. There's a Jamaican song called African Glory by Mikey General which sings "Teach the youths their African Glory, teach them they were Kings and Queens, build up their self esteem"

    Thanks for sharing Wode. It's important we rebuild our self-esteem with stories which reminds us if our royalty"

    One Love!


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