African Diaspora In Africa

African Diaspora are spread out all over the world..I met few of them when I went to Ghana for holidays and this is what they think of their homeland(Ghana)..
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  1. Of the videos questioning diasporians of their impressions of Ghana and Ghanaians….the two gentlemen shown here are my favorite to view…they give such a concise bull…direct and pure assessment of Ghana and Ghanaians in general…It puts one's expectations in a proper framework of what first time visitors will confront..

  2. Native Borne Family gives you the real deal. Why do you think so many native Africans live outside Africa? Being a tourist and living there are to different things.

    The guy was right about Africans. The trash analogy was on point. I experienced it in Naija. I would not throw trash on the ground. But Naijas threw trash on the ground. I am like Damn, they don't care about their surroundings, why should I care? I began throwing trash on the ground.

    Yeah collectively, we don't work. That's why the whites and Asians own African resources. That man told the truth, no sugar coating.

    I am really interested in what Africans of the diaspora have to say who have no familial connections. Yeah we all should visit Africa.

  3. The guy in black said it like it is.
    We are way behind the rest of the world, rather than trying to prove a point, we should be thinking of bridging the gap to whatever extent possible

  4. Jacque is so beautiful her smile' s draws a lot of rain she's too hot to handle but she's confused about her nationality no matter where u come from as far u are black,u are an African.

  5. She is out of her mind i was laughing when she is said i am German lol she will never be consider as german in germany . You have to be german blood to be german . passport or born there doesn’t make you german. You are black u belong an african country that is your country if your parents are ghanian you are ghanian even if u born there

    I was told in a vision that, “While mountains are decreasing, your hill is rising ", and it has been fulfilled in the decrease of the U.S. E U. and the rise of the A.U. but the icning on the cake is that the Ace of Spades of the now arrived Messianic age is an African in diaspora. Africa will be part of an emerging power in which the sun will rise and set. Watch my videos and subscribe to my channel. A powerful light is in the African diaspora.

  7. The brother talking about littering is not being realistic. Man, they litter in America too. Yes even white people litter. But generally I agreed with his point that as black people we need to learn how to come together and collectively accomplish something big. We need to work together, plan together, and if we do that…there's nothing we can't do.

  8. We need more of this from you promote Africa she needs it. We need more African to do this west, east, south, north all of Africa let's go. Let's save our continent

  9. All of my grandparents came from Mexico. My small branch of the family seems to be returning to Mexico and we now provide jobs to over 250 Mexican citizens. We have over 3 generations of superior education and modern electronic culture that we bring back to Mexico with us. I am grateful to both my American and Mexican heritages and advantages they have given us. We cross the border daily at times but I can see a time when we do not coming in the future. Diaspora is something to embrace to those who are not lazy or looking for a free ride in society. If you have taken advantage of the education system in the U.S. it may be time to take it home and do good for your family in new ways. Integration through commerce creates peace.

  10. Cute little girl! I have a new channel for my daughter to watch, thanks! (^∇^)And thanks for the foreign Black perspectives on Ghana. Interesting to hear. You’re a great spokesperson. Do you work for a travel company?? If not, maybe you should! ( ^ω^ )


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