Can Black People Be Rac*st??

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  1. The first guy had a very solid definition of racism, he explained it very well, but I find he seemed to underestimate black people as whole. What I mean is that when he said, ''Racism is institutionalized over hundreds of years of building capital, building infrastructure to disadvantage, particularly black people, but really all types of people.'' there seemed to be an underling assumption that black people, whether in Africa or aboard, couldn't be in a position to be racist. I see this as extremely troubling.

    Let's be realistic here, after hundreds of years of mistreatment by white people and others (speaking very generally here), why wouldn't black people in Africa implement racism in their own country on people (races) who benefited from African slaves? I don't know about you, but if someone were to punch me I feel the need to punch them back. Also, he later said that, '', if I can't control the police in America, I can't be racist, because it's implementation…'', and I ask, to what extent? If I'm a wealth black man in the US and I pay a majority black police station to target specific races, how is this not racist?

    I think what the young man said was important, but I also think that we should be cautious on black people not having the capability of being racist, especially in major black countries. What are your thoughts?

  2. Blacks cannot be racist because we do not think of ourselves as superior, have power to make laws to justify mistreating other races. Have 150 years of Jim crow. Go around killing indigenous people all over the world raping killing and stealing from them. Enslaving strip people away from the culture language and heritage. And colonize the world and having the whole world speak your language. Also whitewash and alter history. Naw that's not us.

  3. I personally think that everybody can be racist since according to the definition of racism (prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.) there is no "direction" to it. Therefore, on a micro level, every individual (white, black, Asian,…) can be racist against another individual or group of people (race). If an Asian person says that black people are lazy, he/she is racist; if a black person says that all white people are evil, he/she is racist; if a white person says that white people are better, he/she is racist… However, if we talk about institutionalized racism, we're not talking about individuals anymore, we are talking about societies, countries, governments,… In that sense, it may be true that black people are less likely to be racist since in most cases they are usually less wealthy than white or Asian people (on average) and in most western and East Asian countries (which are usually pretty affluent) they are a minority. But there have been cases of institutionalized racism against white people (like in Zimbabwe) so technically it is possible, but at the moment less likely. Anyway, all forms of racism are bad in my opinion, just to say.

  4. The answer is a resounding no its a difference between prejuduce and racist racist means prejudice plus power political economic power to effect another groups situation we dont have that power anywhere what we have in our own community is not racism it is tribalism and colorism

  5. Please don't touch on these topics with people who have barely even minimal knowledge on it. I don't think you would discuss quantum physics with a third grade student. Certain topics, its all fun and games until its not fun and games.

    PS: YAY for the resurgence of vox pops

  6. There's a few definitions of racism. One is "the belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others" under that definition i believe that anyone can believe those things but most do not.

    However a second definition is "Discrimination or prejudice based on race" and i think we all are racist under this definition. On a subconscious level we judge people based on their looks and physical characteristics, one physical characteristic is race. Whether you admit it or not we all do it

  7. Anyone can be racist. So yes, black people can be racist. There are some black people who think think they are inherently superior to non blacks. The are some Black Hebrew Israelites (which are a cult) that hold such views.

  8. Wodemaya , would you believe that we the blacks are more racist than the whites .
    At times ,it pains to see your own fellow brother treating you as such

  9. People, people, people. Racism is an English word. Get a dictionary. Read the definition. Anyone can be racist. Certain people with certain political biases, particularly in the West, love to use the ''institutionalized'' argument which is a 19th century Marxist theory used to explain classism. While racism is heavily institutionalised, institutionalised racism is only a derivative of racism itself. The power to enact racism is not the same as the capability of being racist. You do not require power to believe that your race is superior so please stop being willfully ignorant.

  10. Why do Africans get being "PREJUDICE" confused with being RACIST? The guy in the "WHITE" shirt with the glasses that talked about South Africa, he doesn't understand racism. "RACISM" is different from "BLACK-ON-BLACK APARTHEID" which is what he's talking in South Africa. Racism is usually involved with different races (White, Asian, Latinos, and Arabs hating Blacks and the reverse. That's what "racism" is to anyone who lives in America or the West. What the guy in the glasses is actually speaking about is being "PREJUDICE" which sometimes comes with PHOBIAS. It would be safe to say that some South Africans are "PREJUDICE" against other Africans, but not racist. Reasons: South Africans are Blacks and other Africans are Black as well. Racism is usually done or apply when another race who are not of the same race hate the next.


    The SYSTEM of R@C!$M/Wht Supremacy is the MOST POWERFUL entity EVER created on this PLANET, and has NOT been MATCHED since.

    The ACT of not LIKING someone, and/or calling someone a NAME, is NOT R@CI$M.

  12. Race – The term race or racial group refers to dividing the human species according to physical characteristics that are inherited. The most widely used human racial types are those based on visual traits (such as skin color, cranial, facial features, or type of hair).
    Racism – prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

  13. Can i ask everyone reading this a question? Why would god make black people if they were so bad? Black or White we are all on this earth? Im mixed and i see all races the same😘

  14. OMG Wode Maya aya Maya this is very true its very eye opening,you dont know how much i love you and your contents ,You even encouraged me to open a channel too.Keep on the good work

  15. Racismn exists yes, i am black and yes many Black people are extremely rascist and they also dnt accept constructive critismn from other races. One love

  16. My friend yo need to go to Trinidad where black have spent all their life after slavery begin racist against the Indians there…They hate them so much so that they will see the country begin destroyed by a black man than vote for an Indian to help them …they simply hate these people because they have an inferiority complex…The Indians simply does everything with more honesty and love.

  17. For me, Blacks aren't racist because I've lived in several countries in Africa, I have never seen that. I found a job without a problem and most people were happy with me. Nevertheless, I have heard other people telling that. Thank you for your video MAYA!

  18. I love this subject wode and u did a gd job with the interviews . If u don't mind could u ask black people thier definition of racism? Cause I figure out no one wants to be identified as being racist but most people have acted racist ish, so it will be nice to know thier definition of racist

  19. I think that the title of your movie should be :Are black people also racist? instead of can black people be racist?Why do you think so?Thinking in that means that you think white people are superior to black people so we can't be racist..

  20. Racism is a complex of superiority a person expresses toward someone of a different race. Mere preference for one's race is not racist as long at it is not based on superiority complex or hate. If I am more attracted to black women and prefer them over women of other race, this is not racism. But I don't like white or xhinese women because I have a problem with their race, then it is racism.

  21. So true what the first guy said, now that's true racism. I believe we are thought and force to be racist with each other base on the dominant system we live in. We as black people cannot be racist and not allowed to be racist with other race like whites, Asians because they are more dominant in things like business owner ship, job opportunities, because it mostly controls by them.

  22. To all Caucasians sneak peeking here, repent and disassociate with evil, don't allow insecurities and envy grip you at the extent you continue oppressing people wherever you go referral to skin colour, and after that remember black people civilised you after cave lives and in modern life, though you invented in media to disclaim everything, black people are proud and thankful and can't be racists as a matter of Facts.

  23. Well to be honest BLACK PEOPLE CAN BE OFCOURS BE RACIST against other race.. in my Country Guinea we don’t like white or other race.. we only want our people and only Africans. Some nations in my country don’t even want anything that white man made. Black can be more rasist than other race.

  24. Which race are the most hatred in the world? Which race are most likely to get rejected when its come to job opportunities? Which race are the most likely to flaunt upon? Other races always clear their throat when they see black person passing by… Which race is dehumanize in all ramifications,, Which race suffers all manner atrocities, holocaust, and dehumanization….
    Black people cannot be racist because such ridiculous vocabulary word ''RACIST'' does not exist in African dialect also black race were only one race before Caucasians race came to surfaced

    A black person who does not know thoroughly his or her own history always plays counter defends and devil advocate to justify reasons just to sleep with Eurasian, Black race collectively DNA is far different from Caucasians DNA….Therefore Black race DNA is equal to Homosapien whilst Caucasians race DNA is equal to Neanderthal That is more reasons i want to see my children to look the same as my great great grandparents


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