Dr.Umar Returns to Oklahoma City(OK): Sunday Nov 3rd@4pm(doors@2pm), “Drugs & Disabilities: How Black Public Schools Operate as Prison Clinics” Event Center, 4502 Event Center, 4502 NE 23rd Street 73121, 539-302-8972, DrUmarJohnson.Com, 844-4DR-UMAR, DrUmarOklahomaCity@Gmail.Com

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  1. Umar has a brilliant mind. His ideas would be much better if he didn't want all the shine. Also, wasn't Garvey entire mission focused on leaving America? Sooooooo. Exactly. Peace Y'all.

  2. Umar-U-Thief Johnson has put out as many Lies as Donald Duck-Trump.
    2018 he wanted to open a number of schools in London, England.

    Other locations are In Disney World just off of Minnie Mouse drive.
    At the Conscious Stripper highway and overpass.
    Crush dem cookies road.
    Cook County jail bird lane, if Umar does go there you have our permission to keep him.
    Most requested bullshyt road.
    FDMG invisible school highway.
    Final location U-thief city.

  3. He took the money and now Africa is his main focus? But I don't believe it. The trillion dollars he is talking about is money that is spent to live. Not disposable income. So if you don't spend it on McDonalds, you will spend it at Publix. People got to eat, keep up their appearance, and need forms of communication. Shame on these radio hosts for giving him a voice. They will do anything for ratings.

  4. Why does Ghana need a Wall Street ? Ghana already has it's own financial district in it's capital including it's own stock exchange so why does Umar need money for another be one.

  5. you umar dick suckers are so naive black unity doesn’t exist an it won’t blacks don’t even like each other black will sell out another black for a white mans approval any day if a white comes to any of you niggas an say I’ll give you a million dollars to throw all black people under the bus idk one black person who say oh no I love blacks I wouldn’t do that. Blacks don’t know how to do absolutely anything manufacturing make guns nothing so that’s the reason for the hate an killing in Chicago an all over cause blacks know they don’t have the brain to help themselves anywhere you find blacks if they are by whites they live way better but if there by blacks poverty chaos nothing

  6. I have heard a continental African state that he has land to give to Umar. He said that he has a substantial amount to give to Umar. But, what does that mean? And when did he become a political scientist? This is the second time I've heard him say that.

  7. Scamming Ghanaians will have a tire put over him, kerosene thrown on him, a lit match and the rest will be history. He better keep playing with the single mothers here in the US. So the Delaware building will be left in shambles while he runs from child support and back taxes? What grown man can’t start and finish a project before moving to the next? But to his supporters, no hating y’all keep on donating!

  8. That's awesome! I would love for my grandsons to attend that school. And black wall street sounds great. I will love to be down with that. My fiance and I have a couple of houses in Ghana. I'll be keeping my eyes open for that. Keep up the good work brotha.

  9. Lol this nigga said he building a black wall street in ghana. Black wall street didn't happen overnight, it was a collective of thousands of black entrepreneurs and brilliant minds. You can't just "build" that. Love umar but he be tripping sometimes

  10. Greetings brotha dr umar johnson i respect you as a great pan afrikanist and garveyite which means the same thing in my oppinion you should build the school in afrika because afrika is our epicenter as afrika goes so does the diasporan afrikans as mhenga dr john h clarke stated afrika is our cultural incubator and we need to focuse on where the slaveship stole us from instead of where it dropped us off it starts with afrika because we started in afrika what is a tree without roots its over for afrikans in amerikkka dr umar go and teach afrikan youths on the continent

  11. It's kind of hard to keep defending him. I am one of his defenders. So he was gifited land in Africa!!!! What about the school brother this is getting ridicules now…wow

  12. Even if umar opens a school In Africa that doesn’t mean he’s not a scam he’s literally living off donations hence he goes hard at promoting his lectures a grown 40 year old man never seen his ful time job constantly lecturing for a living so what he does is make money off begging but uses some of it on a good cause to make you Confused no he’s still taking money he just has to make it look like he’s not


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