History Of Sierra Leone In 10mins!

We are changing the narratives Of Mother Africa through Youtube videos One Country At Time.We are Currently In SIERRA LEONE It’s Time For Africans To Unite & Tell Their Own Story!-AFRICA TO THE WORLD

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  1. That’s Biblical… Turn your weapons into plow shares. At the end of the video. Good history but have to watch it a few times because the historians accent is very strong . ❤️

  2. The theme of unity and reconstruction is really strong. They are truly a "nation". The lessons of those conflicts have not been forgotten. Respect to Sierra Leone.

  3. Thomas Peters was more than an ex-slave. He fought in the American revolutionary war on the British side of the war because the British promised freedom to all Blacks who fought for them. They fought in all black Regiments know as the "Ethiopian Regiment". As far as I'm concerned, they were the only Freedom Fighters in the Revolutionary war. After the British lost the war to the American rebels, Thomas Peters and others were evacuated to Nova Scotia Canada. Once in Canada, they petitioned King George of England for land. King George told them those who want land, can stay in Canada. Those who want to leave Canada, can go to Sierra Leone. A flotilla of 14 Ships set sail to Sierra Leone and settled there. That's a short version of the story of Thomas Peters. He was a true Freedom Fighter and a proud son of Africa who chose to return home.

  4. President Stevens was a son of b*** He destroyed the country. Extrajudicial killings of political opponents. He was a dictator and a criminal.

  5. WODE Maya you’re doing a good job for people of African descent. Next time please correct your interviewees that African Americans were enslaved but not slaves. When they use the word slaves it’s demeaning. They were not born to be slaves but were enslaved by the oppressors.

  6. Wode Maya please come back Ethiopian Addis Abeba and visit the new united park. I am 100 % sure you will learn about great All African History and also you will teach your followers about our great African history.


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