Live from BlackWallStreet(OK): Dr.Umar Speaks In Tulsa today 4pm at Greenwood Cultural Center! All children & Elders Free…
Dr.Umar Returns to Orlando(FL): Friday December 27th@6pm(doors@4pm), “Black Parent Training: Understanding & Preventing Special Education & ADHD Abuse in Black Children” First Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church
700 Elm Ave in Sanford 32771, drumarorlando@gmail.com, 407-588-6163, DrUmarJohnson.Com, 844-4DR-UMAR, all children & Elders Free

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  1. Can someone please post the names of the black leaders that he mention after 54:26 with the exception of Steven Biko. I wanted to research them and learn who they were. I would really appreciate it.

  2. Well when you watch Harriet it has a white savior to….. watch it on the firestick or buy a ticket to another movie so this Harriet movie don’t get the money and then see it ….

  3. Umar is always asking for more money. Forget about the school, give people their money back. Few months ago he asked for millions dollars nigga is crazy

  4. It’s not that we don’t wanna see a Harriet or slavery movie it’s the disrespect of a British/ Nigerian who calls black Ppl Akados but yet she wants to play the greatest woman to ever do it💪🏾 the disrespect of our black men it’s not the movie itself. Dr Umar you’re going to be pissed tf off. Great Interview can’t wait until you come to the Lou ✊🏾♥️

  5. This Tubman movie is not about true history this is why ados don't want to see it.Also why are you broad casting a secret society ,that's not a secret society .

  6. If this is true about bill Cosby and oil this needs to be tooking to Roland and his lawyers if you are not lying because Alot of things you say is suspect .

  7. That harriet tubman movie is demonic dr umar it's a insult to her and blackmen look at pbt analysis of it brother then you are truly lost the movie is a disgrace this is keeping it 100%

  8. I'd love to contribute, I'm studying to be a clinical herbalist, learning and developing agricultural skills is vital. Dr. Umar is always putting out great information.

  9. Black First 24/7/365 I'm just saying thank you for this evening powerful broadcast/video essay/interview is indeed in my opinion "TRUTH BE TOLD THE TRUTH AND FOOD FOR THOUGHT" again thank you. And for me I always, always read between the lines because it is always in black and white on white paper in black ink and now I'm going to go and do my homework/research. (Black First November 3,2019 @fljdrywallrock)

  10. 11:35 – makes outrageous conspiracy theory
    13:50 – makes another outrageous claim
    27:40 – makes claim that africa is giving out land and he has 50 acres waiting for him
    28:23 – rant on his "school/bombshelter" also announces THERE IS NO DATE FOR THE SHCOOL OPENING !!
    37:28– Makes another outrageous statement trying to be like tyler perry
    57:00 – seriously the most outrageous thing he said all video

  11. World's full of the deciples who double crossed Jesus I'm sure it's mojority I can feel it .
    How do we change job applications someone said employers shouldn't have to know ur colour and postcode and last name u get it

  12. What makes me lose faith in a lot of black ones I know in London is thay ain't done s#$t and then thay give up on umar Johnson just on here say alone all thay do is go work throw all the good words he brings to light in the bin I respect what u are doing brother Johnson it's so sad

  13. Readers understand that alot of people have been very suspicious of Dr Umar Johnson because investors in the FDMG School are saying that hes not being transparent regarding there invested money… I really hope that he opens the school and does better business with the people. Because as of now a lot of black people here in America has lost faith in him. I hope that he is not a Con man because he can be very instrumental in the Pan-african movement

  14. Yes you stole the money from the people, and bought yourself 50 acres of land in Ghana. You have to be crazy to believe some village elder in Ghana just all of a sudden decided to give away 5,000 acres of land, as valuable as land is today no one is going to give away that much land this is outrageous the lies this guy keeps coming up with to scam people out of their money.


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