What Happened After My Arrest In Nigeria?

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Comment (41)

  1. Thank you Abdul may almighty God bless you so much and Wode Maya my God give you strength to continue doing the amazing work to our continent… Can't wait to see you in Kenya

  2. Thank you mr.Abdul & family for showing so much love &hospitality to Wode Maya may God bless you .This message is from a fan of his πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ’™β€we need more people like you in this 🌎 stay bless.

  3. Mansha Allah, Abdul eid mubaraak bro. You made me very proud may allah bless you and your family ,especially your mother ,much love and respect from an Africa brother here in Canada …allaahu akbar.

  4. You know what? If you are get arrested all the time. I am banned from youtube channels all the time. I just wrote innocent comments, then boom I am banned. People hate me for no reason all the time.

    You have no idea, I am persecuted all the time. Now I have a problem in my apartment, where there's a painful noise in my unit for so loong ( a year), but people are against me for no reason. I don't even know them. Every time I seek help, instead of being helped, they turn back against me.
    Everywhere I go I am sabotaged. Jobs, I was always terminated for no reason.

    BTW my name is Maya too.
    Promise me, don't ever ban/delete my channel please.

  5. Thank you Abdul and mum! No wonder you’re so blessed, see how you bless people even strangers. Wode Maya, the sky is your starting point. Proudly 9ja! One love Africa.


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