Umar Johnson/Daddy 0 Rank w/Anti-Afro Svengalis Channel:2 Peas Pod-Dad Spoon-Fed Umar FD Kin Story!


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  1. I don't want to disrespect an elder. However, if I had a son like Umar I would be very ashamed that a child I raised is causing so much harm in my community. I would try to talk him into stopping his fraudulent activities and I would not interfere with anyone who tries to expose him. I would want people to know that they need to stay away from him because I would not want people being harmed on my conscience. Parents are not responsible for the actions of their adult children because adults can choose to do right or wrong. Sometimes parents do the best they can and their children still choose the wrong path. Those parents never make excuses for their children. Parents who defend and make excuses for the evil actions of their children are the ones who contributed to the bad behavior of their children by raising them with sketchy moral values.

  2. The 'apple doesn't fall far from the tree!' I get the sense they're both playing the game, partners with a pre written script & two distinct different styles!

  3. Although I disagree with Umar's behavior towards his dad, I must say that both Jamal and Jermaine are fools. Daddy knows damn well that his son is a mental case! Both are chronic liars who support the bullsh^^ fraud that is going on.


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