Why You Should NOT Get SisterLocks

I am discussing why you should not get sisterlocks. I’ve never regretted a day since I got my locks. However, there are some very real scenarios that one might need to consider prior to making this large investment. I, Tunisia Ali, share a few things ladies need to think about when determining if this is the right investment for them.


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Comment (49)

  1. The cost of retwist is not bad at all. A sew in is over 200 for the install at a salon and that's minus the purchase of hair. I really like them,but I love changing my hair and sister locks are permanent, yes?

  2. Thank You SO MUCH! I have locs and was considering combing them out and getting sister locs because I wanted more volume. I hate box braids and I have very fine thin hair like a baby, so I KNOW I will not like those parts in my head, My hair looks thick even thought it isn't. I like that there isn't much maintenance with my locs. I only have to spray them with water and oil. I wash them every 2 weeks and re-twist every 5wks. I am 1yr in but my hair is longer than most people who are 3 yrs in. My hair is very healthy. I would not want to band my hair, so now I know sisterlocs are not for me.

  3. I wanted sisterlocks but when I went to see how much they were, she was charging $1400 to start them. That was insane in my book. Then when she told me about the amount of time it takes to put them in, the money became way less than a problem. I can't sit for hours at a time while someone does my hair. Thats why I do my own. That alone turned me off. I absolutely love the look but I cant commit to the time. So i twisted my hair myself in late August. I had my son in July and i have not been back to work especially with my new look. I'm a bit nervous but I keep repeating, I am not my hair. I can't wait until im fully locked

  4. Identity prob even more reason I think I might consider this for my daughters 4c hair. I just hate idea of covering all her hair all the time. I want her to be active and also not feel the need for so much fake hair. It's like eventually with all the fake hair it's like ya loose or miss her face and her features.

  5. I was going to get locs so I wouldn't have to do anything to my hair. But now that you explained all the maintenance that go into it, I'm not gonna get.. I just don't want to have to do a lot to my hair. Thanks for such detailed explanations.

  6. I’m preparing to start my loc journey and your video gave me the reassurance I needed to GO FOR IT. I’m dedicated to this and everything you said touched my soul! ♥️👏🏾 I get them next Saturday.

    I do have very dry hair; do you have any recommendations of products that would be great to start out with?

  7. The black community is funny, they dislike locs when its short but as soon as the locs grow long suddenly everybody loves your hair and wants to get it. They never want to go through the short faze though but give them some Remy hair and

  8. Absolutely Love This!!! Thank you for speaking to the soul of what it really means to be a woman taking this loc/life journey!!!! Beautifully said!!💕💕💕💕

  9. This video is very special. I have traditional locs coils when I got my hair I hated how they looked omg my hairline wasn't grown in 😫 locs different sizes unbelievable. Now I'm 7 months I'm did come into acceptance though

  10. I’ve been a loose natural for three years now…I’m obsessed with your channel I had my SL consultation yesterday and my establishment is in two weeks I’m so excited I wish I could get them sooner…

  11. Wow!!!! I wanna say THANK YOU!!!! I appreciate your honesty, I’m newly installed 2 weeks almost 3. At age 46 I so appreciate your honesty, I absolutely LOVE MY baby loc stage!!!! I will keep you updated. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  12. Yeah, thanks for reinforcing this. That's why I decided not to get Locs in general.
    1. I dont know if I can to commit to a look.
    2. While they generally are low maintenance since you only need to wash and retwist every month(or wash biweekly), I'm not one of those natural that can spend even close to 1000s on my hair every year. $70 a month is a lot. I know some places can charge even more than that to retwist.

  13. I'm in love with my sisterlocks, since 2005! Back then, I knew I was ready, nobody could tell me a thing about getting locs. It has been a wonderful journey! I try and explain to those who are considering getting locs that it will be an emotional, mental and spiritual journey! But YOU WILL KNOW when you're ready! I appreciate this information because it is so true especially, the part about having the "fresh look" I'm not a fan, Lol! Thank you Queen for enlightening us!

  14. Back in 2014, I was in the Army and they really started cracking down on styles worn by African American women. I had had my sisterlocks for two years at this point with no drama, but then suddenly I had to cut them off and mediately. I almost left the military. But succumbed to their demands and cut my hair. Been miserable ever since with weaves and extensions damaging my hair. But I just got my second set! I plan to keep these for the rest of my life! I love your video, new subscriber!

  15. Just surfing different videos as I consider starting locs….I’m already sold on you as your first piece of advice was “you need to have a strong sense of self”. Much respect!!! You’re the first person to start with the real…

  16. Wow I’m like #1000 and btw you are very funny and I’m glad I came across your video. I was struggling with the fact that I wanted locs. You definitely answered a lot of questions that I was wondering about. My struggle is the fact that me wearing weave has began to give me headaches. Plus I began to feel the need to embrace my natural everything. Beauty and all

  17. Thank you for this! I have been thinking about locks for like 2 years and have finally decided to take the plunge. I'm doing research and its so wonderful to hear about things to consider before I get them.

  18. What do u think of sisterlocks for a lil girl. My daughter is soon to be 8 and she hates getting her hair done and I hate having to fight with her every week. I think this will be a gud low maintenance way for ur hair to grow out. I'll be able to maintain and style her hair as usual but I wont have to actually comb thru her hair which she hates. Please share ur opinions.

  19. I love your videos and your hair and you! Question for you. I have done a great deal of research on SL and I have even taken the course. I am having my Sisterlocks installed next month and I love my Sisterlock Consultant but I was surprised that she feels it"s best to install the 4 point rotation in my very fine, thin, loose curl hair. My research has told me the 3 point allows more fullness but she makes a really good point that it will help to contain my loose curl with less slippage. Does this mean I will loose the fullness that the 3 point would give me. Please give me your insight! Much appreciated. Bless

  20. Thank you so much for this review I've been considering locs for a while and all the information you've have given still tells me I'm not ready YET. It will happen because there beautiful but I need to be 💯 percent all in. Thanks

  21. I used to love my friends locs and wanted mine to look like hers but she changed me when she said, your locs are your signature. I love being unique so that works for me.

  22. I am 7:46 minutes into the video and am trying not to laugh out loud about picking Cotten in Starbucks. So funny. I’m am researching Sisterlocks as I think they’re beautiful and would be a great lifestyle for me. I love the title and content of this video. Thank you!

  23. I currently have Dread locs, Ive had them for 10 years now and I am wanting a new change in my look. Ive been really wanting to cut these off and Start sister locs but im not sure if they will turn out correctly on me. I have a real fine grade of hair.. Do you think i should go for the sister locs if I have fine hair? I love my dreads but I am wanting a more Full and thicker look than the size that I had now

  24. Great video, but I laughed when you mentioned the distaste for your hair immediately after retightening. Some folks love that fresh look. I do not like the fresh look. I prefer between 3 to 4 weeks post retightening. By week 5 or 6 they are a bit messy, but braidouts help! It is funny how we all perceive our locks. Yours are beautiful of course!


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