Aquarius ~ This is your year! ~ 2020 Tarot Forecast

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2 – Heaven’s Mediumship Oracle – On sale in December 2019
3 – Karmic & Twin Flames Oracle – not for sale
4 – Sacred Destiny Oracle –
5 – Astrology Reading Cards –
6 – The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards –
7 – Tarot Dice –
8 – The Harmonious Tarot Mini –
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11 – Spiritual Path Oracle – not for sale
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13 – CEJ Tarot – not for sale

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  1. Aquarius has been shit on for the past years, I've been through so much pain and felt like I've always end up with the short end of the stick. Sooo, let's hope 2020 is Aquariuses year! Let's go Aquas! ♒️

  2. When I first started watching these readings a few months ago I connected with you consciousness 🙂
    At the beginning when you pulled the 96 I knew it was for me. It's been a huge number for me this year. Thank you ♥️♥️♥️🙏

  3. You lifted my spirits so so much! Bless you too! This exactly aligns with my 2020 intentions to be reaching my dreams and also reconcile with my tf!!! thank you so much. You deserve a bouquet of flowers. If the financial abundance happens, I will send you some because you believed in it and told me what I needed to hear first

  4. Wow, yes true soul connection.. we have separated, now talking again. Hes 20yrs younger i swear Hes my twin.. we have just started mess again. Im hoping we work thing's out… wow

  5. After FIVE rough years, this is just what I and other Aquas need: 2020 is the year we’ve been waiting for. Do not waste a day not in your own vibration and happiness. ☮️ ♥️

  6. Hahaha, now we are talking ! yeah, lets have a good party of sex, forget about the troubles…I love that! Abundance? sounds like a plan, I plan to move to Las Vegas…lets crack a few jackpots!! Cool forecast, TY === XO, Renee

  7. omg.i just can't believe. last 5years r hell in my life.struggling for my career.i got married but right now not going smoothly with my husband and right now from nowhere a Capricorn enters into my life and I just feel like hell connection I don't know.i am in a dillema what to doi want to be successful and start my own blog and like that Capricorn partner and me r like connected by soul but still love my husband so a bit confused.right now just going with the flow and focussing on my you.ur reading gives me alot of hopes..

  8. Your readings are so Amazing 😉 I always Connect with your Readings and Trust them they always blow me away with how much they are reflecting my life’s journey back to me . I Definitely feel spirit is with you and you are beautifully aligned with spirt gifted 💗💗 Your readings are truly Amazing Girl 👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻

    This one is so actually for me All the stuff about spirt around me and letting me know !! yes nocking lights music 🎶 feeling them and Also see them . The 🦄🦄 Yes Iam so a unicorn totem . Iam also getting ready to step out and go for my dream job Beautifully 💫-> alined 💫by God and the Angels Spirt my soul purpose and my spiritual passions . The last 10 years has been really hard !!…. I see the wisdom in all the lessons I have learned I had to go though them to get to this place in my life. Iam so grateful for it all from My Beautiful baby’s my sexy hubby of 21 years bing my soulmate my ? twin I still can’t believe this sometimes??.. ☝️ I didn’t even know that was a real thing at one point lol 😂 😂 Also We have always had a strong intimate TMI connection 😝 😂even when we could stand each other lol 😂 We have always had that energy 😂 After the last year after my spiritual gifts really came a nocking on my door 🚪and a lot of huge Transformation and healing emotionally physically in ways I never thought 💭 could … I have gone from A ton of physical pain physical illness anxiety depression to finding all of the debilitating afflictions in my life the last 10 years have been greatly connected to my spiritual Gifts !!.. ☝️ finding out Iam An Empathic and pick up peoples emotions thoughts and feelings as well as physical pain and illness and that’s not just for the living physically it’s very much connected to the spirt world and the ones around me wanting my help . I have been doing a lot of inner work on my self searching to regain that woman mom wife friend Who I was ??? before I lost her me !! I now see I had to go through all of these lessons to truly understand the depth of these . I know see that all has been for highest good of myself I was learning and becoming who
    I was meant to be in fulfilling my life purpose my soul mission at this time in my life . Iam ready 😬😬 !! Definitely nervous but After what I have been through and gone though . I now know there are many others out there in the world 🌎 like me who are search for the answers to heal there mind body soul . And when you have none of these and the one dream I had was dreaming of having back my health Energy and wellness because when you don’t have that you are just surviving you’re not thriving and therefore you cannot dream…. I finally have be🐝n given back my Wings to fly Agin 🕊🦋 And the chance to Dream 🌟again and to Chase 🌟after those dreams 🌟to go for the dream to live passionately doing what I love 💗 and what Iam passionate about 🌟 No more sitting on the sidelines ..
    Iam meant to shine 🌟and share my light 🌟So I will do it All with Delight🌟 😉🌟

  9. I already know my twin flame and he had better get it together in 2020, that's all I have to say. As far as everything else; YES!!!! Bring it on! 2020 is the year of the Aquarius! Let's do this!

  10. I am trying to stop being so hard and resistance when it comes to love. My person has put up with my crap for a year and finally starting to back off. Now, I realize that it was more than physical but me overthinking per usge made me believe otherwise. I'm trying hard, so hopefully it pays off in the end. I miss him deeply that I'm in physical pain 😬💔. I always tend to self sabotage out of fear.

  11. Wow! I cannot wait! Yay Aquarius, it's our time finally!
    And OMG you said Dream I dunno how many times, and I have been building my own coaching business to help others create the life of their dreams, so how funny! Then I pulled my own tarot card at the end and it was The Star Card! Its time for us to shine like the stars we truly are! Yay!
    Thank you with all my heart 😀

  12. Thank you for this. I need to hear this. Because 2019 is not lucky year for me in opportunity. Hopeful for 2020. Thank you 😍

  13. OMG this is an awesome ready and as an Aquarius woman I have been threw a lot and may all us Aquarius reach for the stars it's all about the Aquarius about time


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