September 23, 2021

38 thoughts on “3 months Back in Afraka | Tanzania Repatriation

  1. You are glowing! 💖 America is stressful! The others are always saying, go back to Africa! I can't wait to get there! 🙂
    I agree with you, Africa is for Africans! We are always fighting in this land to be treated like a human being. We're outnumbered and defeated. It's exhausting!

  2. Your so right when you said all most of us do is drive to work every day to a 9-5 we don’t like and repeat it every day looking down and not happy. That’s me, I can’t wait to come home thanks for this video it is inspiring

  3. Great video, but correction, you said there are lots of "fruit and vegetable trees, but not cooked"? This is incorrect. The diet in Tanzania (and Africa as a whole), is very very high in fruits and cooked vegetables. Be careful of putting out a false narrative. I've seen on a few videos by a couple of diasporians potraying Africa as if the locals are less than, and they are now there to save Africa. Africa is beautiful due to the hard work and efforts of those who live there now. Don't go in with a supriority mindset but as an equal. Good job overall.

  4. I am dying to go and know my Africa fullest it's so hard when you don't have the money to go to Africa Africa is the fulness of our people home and abroad blessed

  5. Yes we're Africans , I wish you success in everything. It's a blessing to see Africans back, I remember meeting Africans outside Africa and always you get smiling greet Even if we don't know each other, we're just full of love.

  6. How can i help you to contribute i'm not in paypal can you accept a visa card? I've also a channel to raise awareness black people in all the continent. Great job sister keep going

  7. You're absolutely correct about everything you said. Africa belongs to everyone black around the globe and we have to fight for it. Blessings from the Afriacan accentors.

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