March 29, 2023
45 Years After COINTELPRO FBI Continues to Monitor Activists

Chip Gibbons, Legal Fellow, says over 60 national groups have signed onto a letter calling on the House and Senate Judiciary …


23 thoughts on “45 Years After COINTELPRO FBI Continues to Monitor Activists

  1. FBI acted on direct orders from OBUMMER to destroy the OWS movement and break up the encampments in the USA. Mr. -… No Hope and No Change…showed who he really is…

  2. The FBI infiltrated the SDS movement in the 60's. They spiked their punch bowls with massive doses of LSD and got many hooked. Besides other subversive hidden tactics like getting some leaders married off to CIA agents to divert their attention to their new family. The FBI/Cointelpro did studies on the effects of massive doses of LSD on the human mind and body and organs. IF you think they have not used similar tactics on the OWS people then you are fooling yourself. These insidious people have no conscience about killing off a dozen people to get one leader. They will poison the food and clothing you buy through the mail services and the list goes on and on…

  3. Thanks for this video. If people want to really get into the origins and operation of COINTELPRO, they should look at the reports of the Church Committee – specifically books 2 & 3. They spied on and threatened activists as righteous and benign as MLK Jr. The FBI worked to get people fired from their jobs, worked to prevent college professors speaking and publishing, and worked to break up marriages. Worse still, they worked to cause strife between activists and violent gangs – efforts that lead to people's murder. There is audio from the hearings and readings from the reports on YouTube.

  4. Fui víctima de esto en Ferrol. ciudad pequeña ,donde tiene la.mayoer tasa de suicidios (pienso que muchos por inducción de este programa),muertes sin resolver, desapariciones , un médico denunció corrupción (desconfío falsos diagnósticos psicología) y 6 campamentos de venta de droga al por mayor (más importante de Galicia) de,cientos pisos narcos. Autoridades ,militares ,sectas religiosas etc. Pueblo muy pequeño
    50 años de impunidad y todo el que proteste o le pasa lo que mencioné anteriormente ,o al marcharse de aquí ,algunos aparecen los muertos al poco tiempo.perdidas laborales , bloqueos de todo tipo como ya mencionado Cointelpro.

  5. It's gotten so bad anyone center of left politically is at risk of being blacklisted, and extreme right wingers. These Stasi Authoritarians will be the reason a civil war breaks out

  6. When I was in SDS I tried spreading this information on campus. If a few people handed out petitions and said the right head lines, eventually most or perhaps the whole campus could be informed. As Brian Glick says, "creative muckraking can help put the FBI on the defense." These are facts from the official record, what student would not want to be taught the truth? Wouldn't 51% of campus be enough signatures to make the dean add COINTELPRO to at least a footnote in college text books, as well as other sensitive information?…/343564737/COINTELPRO-MLK-Flyer

  7. Spain, Ferrol stalking group continued years 2020. I am looking for related judicial decisions on these events in various countries of the world as well as treaties against humanity in the prevention of torture. I suspect that this or techniques based on it are being applied in Spain. I affected by organized group harassment Ferrol, Galicia, Spain. Naval, religious bases linked as opus dei. In my channel you have videos and in the description of these, my blog in case someone wants to send data that could be used for a later complaint, for crimes against humanity, of course outside of Spain. They are refusing to take complaints and are .They dedicate themselves to silencing those affected. I understand that entire countries were condemned for violating international agreements, where it is collected and agreed not to commit these acts, against the civilian population. So all documentation on treaties, trials, open processes, I would be eternally grateful Blessings

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