September 28, 2021

7 thoughts on “5 Reasons to MOVE TO AFRICA | Moving to Africa Series | @Rachael Nalumu

  1. Hey girl! I’m loving your series! Please keep it going. I’m hoping I can make the move next year after school. I’m over this American standard type of life. People aren’t eating life like they should. Work life balance is a must for me. Also, this place is dry and cold. My skin and body be thriving in Uganda because that climate is meant for me! This might seem like little things to other people, but we only have one life, why spend it stressed and uncomfortable? Thanks for the video!

  2. Love it!
    I agree with all the points.
    I'd also definitely add 1) Summer all year round 2) People are generally friendly and welcoming to everyone from everywhere (no discrimination against nationalities or race like some parts of the world) – if anything, foreigners are treated better and are always welcomed with open hearts and open arms ❤️

  3. Great video. I see a beautiful woman of African heritage providing positive information about places that do no get the positive images that they deserve. Which African nation do you enjoy the most?

  4. I’m so here for this video!
    I feel like nobody cares in Africa if we decide to go out we will😂 but still go early to work.
    I haven’t eaten meat in 6 months. Only fish and veggies 😇 would be cool to see your filming room and set up. Check “ DHL eShop “ app, would be cool to see u do a review of it. Basically u can buy from different stores and ship to Africa .

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