May 23, 2022

36 thoughts on “5 Superhuman Running Feats that show Africans Dominate the World

  1. Do not allow Europeans separate you by saying some of you are better than others. From Libya to SA you are all AFRICA. STAND TOGETHER. Colonization is the result of supremacist indoctrination.

  2. I am not African but all I can say is wow 😯 and that I was cheering for all of them while I was watching the video lol truly beautiful 🙌🏻 especially the first woman she was against men and she was like nope this is mine 😆 thank u for the video 👌🏻

  3. Africans can dominate in every sport there is, we never have to cheat with opioids like caucasians do— we do it with what we got naturally!

    Don’t forget what Dr. Henric Clarke said “A well equipped African army would be the best fighting machine the world has ever seen in human history”.

  4. Not Tryna start an argument here but I'm from SA and I don't agree with Casta Semenya being allowed to compete without drugs that control her levels of testosterone to normal levels , otherwise she may as well just run in the men's division

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