September 18, 2021


  1. Exactly. I was in the UK for summer and I was Skyping with mum and dad back in Australia and they were having nicer weather than we were. It's going down to 15Β°c tonight as we come out of winter and that is freezing! Public transport in the UK is amazing. Our buses here in the South Australian capital come if and when they feel like it. They'll be scheduled every 30 mins to an hour and half the time don't turn up! If you think British food is bad be grateful you didn't get the American visa. Their food is so awful and unpalatable that I spent most of the time being physically ill because my body couldn't handle it. Almost all our fruit and veg here is local and fresh thanks to our climate and biosecurity. Fresh fruit can't even be brought in from other Australian states. British people have no concept of distance. My state alone is 5.5 times the size of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and my country over 32 times the size of the UK. The next city over from mine is 960km / 600 miles. Thats London to Edinburgh and halfway back. There are towns dotted along the motorways but that's about it. The city the west is a day and a half drive. Even in London itself! I missed the last tube and asked the TFL lady at the gate if she could point me in the direction of Kensington and she told me it was too far and to take a bus or taxi. Even drunk, with a flat phone and never having traveled above ground in London I made it by following the postcodes back to SW8 and then I knew where I was going.

  2. Lol! I've been here in London for 6 months and these things are so true. The best is the people on the tube especially the central and the jubaliee lines, I've never seen such a variety of crazy in my life and its totes normal here.

  3. Hey hey.My hubby and I are a young married couple.22 and 23.We are moving to uk next year and when I say I am nervous its an understatment. How did you find meeting people?Did you make friends quickly ?We will be staying near London just depends where he can get a sponsorship as he is a financial planner.We leaving everything and everyone we know.How did you deal with it?How long did it take you to settle in?I am sorry this is random but just trying to meet people living there and who are willing to give us an insight.My email is Cheers πŸ˜› …. Jessi

  4. My Bf from Zim and I from jhb are moving real soon!! I'm terrified of the cold!! But looking forward to the growth and opportunities πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ awesome video. Would definitely love to see the day and life differences compared to a day here in SA. πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

  5. Excellent!!!!! that reminded me the weird looks people threw at me in the USA when I asked for a rubber in the classroom (rubber is a condom in the usa and an eraser in UK) :-s

    I go to South Africa quite often and the first time I heard the robot thing from a taxi driver I thought that they may actually have a sort of real robot directing the traffic.. I literally wanted to jump off the taxi to see that…. not to mention how much the taxi driver laughed !!!

  6. I know this video is old , but I must say it was interesting to watch and learn. It told me a lot about your culture and background. You have some very good rhythm. It was informative as you shared your transition.

  7. Relate to this soo much! It me so long to stop saying robots πŸ˜‚ I still say it sometimes haha
    And with the fruit thing, when I saw avocados from England I was like 'wtf is this!!' πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’

  8. I'd really love to hear more of your africa-europe experiences…. because all of what you mentioned above… would have been the same in france, belgium, holland, germany…etc…etc… πŸ™‚ and … i'd want to hear more of the language barrier…. that's so sweet and interesting πŸ™‚

  9. My friend Trevor Southey left Zimbabwe, then Rhodesia, for London in 1966 to study. He moved on to the USA where he was a professor, and was officially declared an American treasure for his astonishing legacy of art work. He was gay and would have loved your posts. Sadly, he passed away last November.

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