September 20, 2021

34 thoughts on “5 things to do before migrating-From South Africa to UK

  1. I am South African living in Canada and I wish people who are in South Africa understood the loneliness of living abroad. And you better move with enough cash to survive . Even if you have a job right away, you will still need to buy furniture and things that will make you comfortable

  2. Hi sis. Thank you so much for the video. Honestly, my biggest fear with any country in the west is level of racism. Can you please tell me how your experience has been like there as a black woman? I know that places like London that are more metropolitan and multicultural tend to be better, but any opinion or experience would be appreciated ❀️.

  3. Hii Sizo.. i happen to have similar aspirations to migrate to the UK but the problem is that i dont know where to begin and i need your assistance interms of advising me

  4. Hey Nanz.thanks for sharing
    When you said it took you three months to decide-did you both have jobs already? Or u still had to apply? How long was your application process?7

    What industry are you in if I may ask.

  5. Hi there! Thank you for taking the to share your experiences with us all. I was wondering if you could do a video, if you haven't already, about the cost of living in London. Like groceries, transport etc. if it's worth moving and if they quality of life will be worth it, assuming I am going to get a job upon moving over. Thank you again!

  6. Hey nanz , I have a lot of questions about moving to UK in London, like the cost, the money needed to up and live ,the cost to actually fly there and how to do the UK vase application and where to actually go for more information…. Plz help

  7. Oh, so you are from South Africa, I have been looking to make friends with some South African people in London, I got some South African songs, I don't know the language but I like the beats of the songs, I'm planning to start DJing again, I want to be playing the South African songs when I'm DJing but I don't know any South African person in England.

  8. Hey sister… I just saw your channel… and I am interested in it…so I'm really willing to move from SA to UK one day…please DM if you get time…it'll be a pleasure if I get your response

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