November 28, 2021

26 thoughts on “5 Things We Learned Moving Across Canada | Sea To Sky Gondola Adventure – New In The North

  1. Just found your videos today. Welcome to BC! If you like the outdoors you certainly came to the right place. Fun to see things through the eyes of someone new to the country and to BC. Hope you get a chance to visit Vancouver Island soon. I like to think of the ferry ride as the world's cheapest ocean cruise (although I'm sure many will disagree with me on the 'cheap' part). The scenery on the 90 minute trip is amazing. Be sure to check out Cathedral Grove and Long Beach on the Island. That's just scratching the surface of what there is to see of course.

  2. Welcome to BC ! Try the Peak to Peak gondola in Whistler some time, it's pretty spectacular. Too bad you weren't able to do the coast-to-coast road trip/trek, everyone should do it at least once. We've done it several times, both quickly, and leisurely, via different routes, always amazing to experience what this vast country has to offer. Enjoy your vlog, wonder if Jacques will ever utter a comment, a la Marcel Marceau/M. Bip, LOL.

  3. It has been 5-months since I last checked in and now I find you in my neck of the country … welcome to BC and my home. I lived on the coast for most of my life, 5-decades or more, and have the webs between my toes to prove it … lol. If and when you see a BC ferry then just think of me. I now live further inland, still on the water, but roughly 8-hours drive east. My home is the side of a mountain … the air is clean here … and the water is pure … the wildlife walk past my home on their daily ventures … BC is a great place to live … and I am happy you have joined me.

  4. how strange, as I'm subscribed to your channel, the youtube did not offer to see it. How great are the BC scenery! Thinking about my granduncle, who moved to Canada, worked in coal mine in BC, then moved to Vancouver. Please, more and more vlogs about Canada! This word is the tastiest word ever! And I wish you good luck in establishing permanently in this heaven!

  5. Welcome to Canada! My wife and her family came here from Cape Town when she was 16. We got the amazing opportunity to take our kids back to SA and Cape Town. We raised three kids (two played hockey and rugby, one played football at University and now our grandson is just suiting up for his first year in hockey gear on ice.) We still 'argue' about what constitutes 'winter weather' if it is below 15C she thinks its winter while unless water freezes I'm still wearing shorts. Really enjoyed your videos – great to re-experience parts of Canada and the amazing scenery and people.

  6. NS will miss you but BC is beautiful as well. If you ever do get a chance to drive back I highly recommend it. My sis did it back and forth 15 years ago and we still reminisce. We took a 5 weeks and it was awesome.. we slept amongst dinosaur bones, in a real tipi and listened to an elder tell stories around a fire, swam in glacier water, and camped on a desert just to name a few… one day… please say you will. Best of luck in BC. Was it work that took you there?

  7. Hi guys! Like your insights. I’m a Saffa living in Toronto and I just recently visited friends in Vancouver and went up the mountain at Squamish. Loved it! Just saw the episode about culture shock from a South African view; it made me smile.

  8. Having driven coast to coast, if you tried to do it in one go, you'd be a danger to yourself and everyone else on the road. By far, the best way to do it is to not drive more than 8 hours per day. Get off the road before you're tired and enjoy the trip a bit. Even driving for 18 hours in one run makes you pretty much done in for the next day and I used to do that a lot. The country isn't going anywhere and few people get to do the whole drive. Enjoy the experience, its an interesting trip.

  9. Hey guys, welcome to BC. It's a bit early, but ski season is coming. The north shore mountains, Grouse, Cypress, Seymour are the easiest to access and least expensive (relatively speaking). If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it. You can usually rent the equipment on the mountain, but it's wise to check on that. You'll begin to see ski reports on the news as the season starts. Have fun.😉

  10. I grew up in Squamish and still have family there …. It’s becoming quite the tourist haven.
    As for service providers, they aren’t always available all over the same province with.

  11. I was wondering about the two of you.
    Great to see you are doing well.

    You jumped from one end of the Country to the other.
    Hopefully someday you’ll check out Ontario which is were I am at.

    Be well. Have fun.

  12. I love when people complain about having to change services when they move 5 fucking time zones away. Also be happy you don’t have to be worried about people shooting you for political gain lol

  13. Nowadays Calgary is the only major affordable city in Canada for current and future generations Canadians and Immigrants. Calgary has the fastest growing tech, finance and film industry. I am already seeing some of my friends and family members who work from home are moving to Calgary. Calgary is also world’s cleanest, and most livable city. Calgary is also sunniest ☀️ city in Canada 🇨🇦

  14. Hey from back here in Nova Scotia. My son and I did the gondola 7 years ago, it was great. I spent 4 months in Squamish many years ago, great hiking and the scenery is world class. There is endless things to do in BC. Have fun, look forward to more adventures.

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