September 18, 2021

39 thoughts on “5 Tips for Moving To a New Country | Shipping a Container, Packing Well, Making Friends

  1. Never thought I'd move back but my husband and I are both originally from Paraguay and prepping to move back there from Canada in a few months. We've always felt moving out of Canada was possibly in our future and here we are 😊

  2. Hi did you use port to port or door to door shipments? If port to port can you share more on how to pick up your shipments? Thanks in advance πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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  4. Hi! I am currently in the process of shipping my things from the states to Namibia. Can you please tell me what company you used so I know which to avoid and if you recommend any!

  5. Common about making friends Kenyan in general nice people and very social with no hidden agenda. Nigerians always want something from you. One of my Nigerian friend said i we are naive ….so open up to your neighbours, church and natural people you meet around

  6. You are absolutely beautiful, Ijeoma. Ideally, I would love to travel and live in Italy for a season to study opera. Godspeed and continued success with all of your endeavors!

  7. Great seeing you, pregnancy sure seems to agree with you! I love your tips, there’s one tip I’d add to this list. Research what types of job opportunities and requirements are available for you based on your experience & education. I remember a co-worker that was trying to move to Australia having a hard time because at the time (maybe still) they would only consider granting visas for job they sorely needed. So make sure you know what’s available and required.

  8. I'm late watching the video. Sorry! When I'm out of town, my grandson doesn't give me a lot of me time so I have to catch up when I get home. I can imagine the delay of your belongings being shipped to another country. Sometimes the delay of package in the US can be a problem. I'm glad everything finally arrived safe and all in tack.

  9. Hey Ijeoma,
    I can relate to your experience with the shipping as I recently relocated. Sent you a message on IG. I’d love to share my experiences and tips with you, perhaps we can help each other as we explore our journeys. ❀️

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