September 19, 2021

11 thoughts on “5 WAYS to PREPARE before your MOVE TO AFRICA | Moving to Africa Series

  1. Hi …I’ve watched your videos and they get me thinking so keep up the awesomeness and sharing. Just one bothersome thing the ‘Africa’ tag …you move to a country in a continent because every country is different. No one says they are moving to Europe but London, France and neither does one say they are moving to North America. I think these are some of the things that confuse people thinking Africa is a country. This is the only thing that’s been an irritation hence the subject of this post can’t generalize (maybe East Africa)but not an entire continent. Otherwise,great content

  2. I'm sure you're info is helpful to some people but its a little…classist? Like I don't think you have ill intent but not everyone has the same opportunities and lifestyle you do so your info is dependent on a few circumstances not everyone has access to

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