September 22, 2023
5K African Wildlife - Kruger National Park in South Africa - 1.5 HRS

39 thoughts on “5K African Wildlife – Kruger National Park in South Africa – 1.5 HRS

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  3. Amazing. The camera work. The way it takes us so close to these magnificent animals and we can feel them as the living creatures they are. It was intense to me and heart wrenching when they crossed the river. Loved this. Beautiful. Very well done.

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  6. wow.. thank you! i haven't been able to go to kruger for almost 3 years now, I feel so at peace and home when there. this video was able to transport me right back. its not just the visuals that made that happen. its the audio as well… you captured all my favorite sounds. It would be my dream to one day be able to make videos like this to share with the world as you did. you have the ultimate dream job! thank you sir! you just made my day

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