July 5, 2022

23 thoughts on “6 French Soldiers Held in Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, UK Sign New Defence Pact, Burundi Vaccine Ready

  1. Kenya is becoming more and more an instrument for western forces ,the ex colonizers ..Africa unite ! Don't be a puppet for a little aid whenever you can stand by yourself and be great!!

  2. Why is France still allowed in Africa? Fight those freeloaders outta Africa! When would Africa stop signing deals with the devils? In spite of the long history of UK’s plunder and genocide of Africans both home and abroad, Kenya can’t liberate themselves from that country with the biggest cunt witch in the world. Smgdfh! So after the constant assassinations of Leaders in Black nations who refused to let it citizens be used as Guinea pigs 🐷 by the G7 Burundi’s new President had to escape assassination by all means in the interest of the entire country! Oh mama-Africa!

  3. America is getting Africa to fight America's terrorism problem. You should focus on developing your own continent. While U.S. is keeping you u busy with their wars, they are stealing your resources. So how are you, Africa ,gonna focus on growth and development???. The West will generate fear, and be giving you amunition and you will be paying billions of dollars on that

  4. Africa Rulers and elites needs to Wake up, Stand Up, Stand Straight Stand Firm ,Stand Tall Against European Rulers and elites who are taking advantage of Africans Generosity . For example, the British European Rulers and british european elites are Oppressors, Bullies, Harasser, Aggressors, Instigators, Bad Teachers, Bad Influences , Bad people, Spying into African Affairs , No Respect for Africa citizens whatsoever …etc.

  5. Africans countries that not yet invaded by western countries should be vigilant,France judy recently ploted coup to overthrow president of Madagascar,the coup later failed,The same said France recently made unwarranted landing in the capital airport of Equatorial Guinea.That is suspicious.

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