December 1, 2021

10 thoughts on “6 Months In Lagos, Nigeria | MOVING BACK | AFRICA |

  1. New Subscriber here!!!Hi I am really happy that i ran across this video!I like how you kept it real💯The content was super dope!You gave some real life scenarios!I am one that also has been contemplating the move😌However just before watching this I was like hmmm…🤔I came to Lagos Last year for nearly a month..i enjoyed it was like a belonging that i felt while being there.Now back in the Americas like with Nja on my mind lol.Keep up with the great vids and is the Returneez page open to people like me?if so i would love to see how i can be a part of this community!I look forward to watching your videos.Peace,love and Blessings!

  2. Those “why am I here?” moments have happened too often for me. I totally agree with you about going back to the plan to stay on track! P.s the returnees group that you created is everything! You will unlock so much greatness here 💎 time will tell!

  3. Good point of views , I think this can happen whatever new country you move too , plus very challenging times right now .. Power they you are better in Naija than the west

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