December 1, 2021

19 thoughts on “A Big Man Is Threatening To Sue Me In Ghana

  1. Hope you can get through this successfully. Vultures! People are investing in the economy but these vultures are thinking about themselves & their selfishness. Fingers crossed 🤞 you get through it.

  2. 👏🏿👏🏿👍🏿👍🏿. It’s about time the vultures are exposed. Sorry you had to go through this nonsense. This happens all the time and it’s disheartening. It’s caused a lot of medical issues and sometimes it’s ended up in death to some of the victims. Please expose them, these thugs must be exposed and we should all be weary 😮‍💨 of them. It’s a big issue in Ghana 🇬🇭 and it’s time to bring it into the open.

  3. All in all, stay on the original agreement(s). These issues we hate, but they speak volumes to our character as individuals. We know you're dealing with some stuff, because we've read the old testament. (: Every warning was against unscrupulous, unrighteous practices.

    This is for the "big man": Be very mindful of your business practices. Reflect on who you are; your values and purpose. Never allow unsavory ambition to cloudy your otherwise intelligent judgement. Be wise, if you have a prosperous business, you will prosper even more, if you choose to handle this matter with much dignity and respect, while assisting in a positive creation and growth of a unique community. Peace and blessings.

  4. As a ghanian diasporian I have no energy left to embark on any building project in ghana because I've been cheated,threatened by demolition of property on land I bought years back and not everyone has this fighting spirit because it can be so draining andaffect your health.
    Please do stand up to them for all the weak ones who don't seem to have any rights

  5. Remember nobody helps a foreigner for nothing. They are always aggressive in the end. But remember that you have access to a liaison at the US embassy that will represent you for free. You are first and foremost an american citizen. That is why I always move with the US government on any foreign soil. That is why I pay taxes to have representation world wide.

  6. Bro, we are working hard to expose these Recidivist liars, feeble minded,sold to foreign corporations of these corrupt politicians, traditional leaders, religious leaders . Let me know which area I can be of help as I have some of decent men of integrity in the country to deal these people

  7. Bro. Please call the names so that they are notice from the scratch. Please do not wait and do not give in their demand. Brother stand on your grounds and do not entertain them. Some people are killer of vision and development. Do not give in to their wickedness. It is appreciated to see their tricks

  8. As I've given more thought to the situation you're facing , I have come to the conclusion it's not just about the money these people are trying to extort from you. But it's also that they Secretly resent you, and they have nothing but complete disdain for your idealism and desire to do good ( improving the quality of life for those who are helped by your work) while doing well (prospering through your hard work)….
    They harbor hatred for you and what you represent…

  9. Welcome to the original us. They tell you to come home then they look for ways to screw you. I’ve been working with Africans since the early nineties and we had a saying. An African always has an alternative motive. That’s sad because you go home with an open mind and heart and they are just waiting to screw you again just like they did when they sold you to the slave traders. Let’s be real. The man didn’t put you in chains. When he bought you , you where already in chains. I like keeping it real. I’m not going to sugar coat the truth. I’m not going to lie to myself because then you only hurt yourself. Africa’s biggest problem outside of the oppressor, is it’s leadership that abuse their power and it’s been like that for hundreds of years. So you may be black but you are still a foreigner to them and you better watch your back because no matter how much good you try and do, they will turn on you. That’s why I say that I’m a man without a country.

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