September 28, 2021

32 thoughts on “A Brief History of The Scramble For Africa

  1. So before the 18th century Africa had no writing system, no science, no schools, no cities and were more or less hunting gathering people. Then the Africans began selling slaves to the whites and the rest is history.

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  3. I’m sick of people thinking that Colonialism=Slavery. Maybe for the Portuguese and Dutch that is true, but British conquest and colonialism is what helped end slavery in South Africa and the rest of the uncivilized African Empires/Tribes that still practiced slavery also.

  4. This is an excellent summary. Thanks a lot! I'd like to use it in the class I'm teaching as a little background to the novel "The Power of One". As my students aren't native English speakers, they'll rely heavily on the subtitles, which I've noticed have a few errors. Would it be possible for you to fix these, or is there a way I can do it myself?

  5. Doomed from the start the seccond europeans set foot in Africa.

    Africans had no say whatsoever in their creation. All these so called countries are just fake european artificial creations and it's the african people who have suffered the most because of it. The way african countries were created by their very nature was inevitbally going to result in the Chaos and suffering that we see today. The only way I see change in my oponion is when sub saraharn Africans Rise up, Unite and disconnect from the world economic system. It's about time we Stand up for ourselves, we have all our resouces already in our continent. We dont need Europe nor do we need China.

  6. oh to finally be out of pre ap world history. pls help 😭😭😭

    jk actually i have a very nice teacher and she makes everything so simple even if the class is high school level and im currently in 8th grade.

    good luck to everyone else♡

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