September 18, 2023
A Father’s Questions for Black Lives Matter

Dan Collins is the proud father of thirteen children. Eight are white and five, adopted, are black. He’s inclined to support the Black Lives Matter movement but would like some questions answered before he commits.

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I consider myself to be a typical, “Main Street” American. 

One thing that is different about me is that I have a big —not so common in America these days. I’m the proud father of thirteen children. Eight are white and five, adopted, are black.

My is my greatest joy, and my is dedicated to their well-being and happiness. I’m struggling right now, because I genuinely don’t know how best to support my black children through this tumultuous and painful period in our . Some say I should get involved with the Black Lives Matter movement, while others say I should avoid it at all costs. To help me figure this out, I have some questions for the Black Lives Matter Global Network. Before asking, let me preface my questions with some background.

In the summer of 2020, a peaceful BLM demonstration in my hometown of La Mesa, California turned violent as protesters began rioting, , and setting fires. The next day, I took my 14-year-old black son downtown to help with the clean-up. As we walked past the charred remains of Chase Bank, I noticed the letters “BLM” graffitied onto a wall amid the rubble. It was unsettling—as if Black Lives Matter was claiming credit for the bank’s destruction. I didn’t want to believe that. 

Just as any parent who has adopted and biological children, I love them all the same. Obviously, I never want to see any of them wrongly accused, mistreated, or targeted because of their skin color. I would happily support any peaceful movement that helps to secure and equality. 

I also recognize the need for . No community can survive, let alone thrive, without that. This is the source of my conflict and confusion: Is it possible for my family to support the Black Lives Matter movement while also supporting the police? I went to your website, looking for answers. But I came away with more questions.

You state that your mission is to “…eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes.” But you don’t explain how you’re going to do that. What is your definition of “white supremacy”? Of “local power”? By “state,” I assume you mean police. Who are the “vigilantes” you’re referring to? And how do you propose to “intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities”? Honestly, I can’t tell whether you intend to pursue your mission through peaceful or violent methods.

Until recently, your website also declared that you will “disrupt the Western-prescribed structure.” Does my family fit that description? Why would you want to disrupt my family structure?

That language has been quietly removed. Does that mean that you no longer hold that view? Or was it just the expedient thing to do?

I reached out to my local chapter of Black Lives Matter, hoping to speak with someone who could help me sort all this out. I then contacted your regional and national headquarters. I got no response. So I began doing my own research. 

That led me to an interview on the internet with one of your founders, Patrisse Cullors. “We are trained Marxists,” she said. “We are super-versed on ideological theories.” Which theories are those? Is Black Lives Matter a Marxist-inspired organization? Marx advocated for the “forcible overthrow” of our civilization. Is that what BLM wants also?

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47 thoughts on “A Father’s Questions for Black Lives Matter

  1. The vast majority of BLM protests—more than 93%—have been peaceful, according to a new report published Thursday by a nonprofit that researches political violence and protests across the world.

    The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) analyzed more than 7,750 BLM demonstrations in all 50 states and Washington D.C. that took place in the wake of George Floyd between May 26 and August 22.

    Their report states that more than 2,400 locations reported peaceful protests, while fewer than 220 reported “violent demonstrations.” The authors define violent demonstrations as including “acts targeting other individuals, property, businesses, other rioting groups or armed actors.” Their definition includes anything from “fighting back against police” to vandalism, property destruction looting, road-blocking using barricades, burning tires or other materials. In cities where protests did turn violent—these demonstrations are “largely confined to specific blocks,” the report says.

    The ACLED report includes protests toppling statues of “colonial figures, slave owners and Confederate leaders” as violent incidents. “Since Floyd’s killing, there have been at least 38 incidents in which demonstrators have significantly damaged or torn down memorials around the country,” the report states.

    Still, many people continue to believe that BLM protests are largely violent—contrary to the report’s findings. ACLED highlights a recent Morning Consult poll in which 42% of respondents believe “most protesters (associated with the BLM movement) are trying to incite violence or destroy property.” ACLED suggests this “disparity stems from political orientation and biased media framing… such as disproportionate coverage of violent demonstrations.”

  2. Dude sounds like HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
    But monotone aside, it's becoming increasingly clear to anyone paying attention that BLM and any associated social movements that claim to be for black people are mainly fighting for black people to be able to commit crimes with impunity. They seem to be trying to convince the rest of the country that black people are unable to hold themselves to any kind of moral standard acceptable to white people.

  3. Abolishing the family and police will promote mass lawlessness, fatherlessness and more school dropouts and forcing children to turn to crime instead of being dependent on the government and eveyr person who discriminates whites will end up dead under mass lawlessness

  4. All good questions. I too am curious as to how BLM is helping black communities. Seems that when I see BLM on the news there is a whole lot of yelling and a bunch of destruction going on. I don’t see any helping.

  5. No a lot of people have done reports on the finances of blm and they only receive 1/3 of the money donated to them because they let it pass through two companies before it ever gets to them but out of the money they do receive they spend millions on salaries as their top expense, then it's travel next which they also spend millions on but the worst part of all is that they only give 6% of the money the receive to the local chapters across the country.

  6. You will know a tree by its fruit. No good tree, can produce bad fruit, just as no bad tree, can produce good fruit. Look at the fruit. It does not fall far from the tree. Does it build, or tear down, rejoice in goodness and righteousness or in pain and suffering, does it hold records of wrong, or monuments of bitterness and unforgiveness? Does it boast in itself, or lay down its life for others?

  7. The fact that you can’t get answers to simple, straight forward questions tells you everything you need to know about BLM. Well, that and how the one co-founder decided to spend millions of dollars on real estate for herself.

  8. BLM is a pro- homosexual movement. It does not defend black male heterosexual rights. Shamar Betts,a young black man was convicted of destroying property during the BLM protests/ George Floyd protests. He was sentenced to 4 years in prison and fined $1 Million + dollars. Where was BLM? Why didn't they provide him with legal aid? In a famous Brianna Taylor poster, every segment of contemporary Black stratum are included. It says Black trans lives matter…Black women's lives matter, Black grandparents lives matter…Everyone has a voice EXCEPT Black Straight Men. You can google the poster image. I've said this a thousand times, If I were to wear a shirt with Black Straight Lives Matter on it, I might be informed by a cop, that I have to remove it. Black lives Matter has nothing to do with every Black Life per we, it pertains primarily to the Black Lives of the LGBTQ Community. If people call me Homophobic, I agree and firmly state, 'Just like you want to preserve your homosexual life style, I wish to defend my heterosexual life style. If male homosexuals could keep their sexuality to themselves, instead of "Queer eye for the straight guy syndrome" things might be different. But for some reason, they seem to like to "recruit" heterosexual men.

  9. As a black man myself I truly hate black victimhood and white guilt. Black people and white people are human beings along with other ethnic racial groups. So I don’t need anyone to pity me at all because it makes me cringe. This is what they should be teaching the younger generational people about life. Here are four simple steps to have a less troubled life; step one: graduate from high school, step two: do not have children before you get married, step three: hold down a job and step four: do not commit crimes. If you follow these four simple steps your life would be less harder. I have a message for all human beings in this world for the last time you cannot demand love you cannot make someone like you just because somebody does not like you that does not mean your a horrible person and especially it does not mean your oppressed. The truth about human nature is that you cannot fix people it is up to people to fix themselves period. Forcing someone to like you is similar to someone forcibly to respect you when respect must be earned just like love should be earned. If you have not done anything wrong to anyone in your life then you obviously do not have to apologise, or beg for forgiveness, or even feel guilty or even carry a weight on your shoulder so grow up and live your life normally with those who are closer to you like your families and your long time friends. I understand we humans all want love, respect and support but you cannot get everything you want so be grateful for all the good things that you have in your life. If you think the world owes you something then that makes you a paranoid sad individual.

  10. The Marxist Frankfurt School in Germany created CRT (Critical Race Theory), and BLM was created by Big Financial Nefarious Interests to introduce Marxist theory, tactics, and Controlled Chaos Divide and Conquer practices to destroy The American Family. Honest Truth finding serve our familes well. Evil loves when humans are overcome by doubt and fear, replacing high moral standards with judging someone by their skin color and playing The Fool. Pray with your upmost sincerity, God's Arms are Not Short like human memory.

  11. Patrice is using the money to buy mansions in the US and Canada. The only Black life that matters to her and the other founding members of BLM are " their own ". BLM was, from its inception a terrorist organization extorting money through violence for the personal gain of its founding members, period…..

  12. It’s been over a year and I highly doubt he has gotten any answers from Black Lives Matter.

    Oh and sir, the money you were talking about, they bought millions dollar houses with it.

  13. As a volunteer firefighter and EMT-P, in which my first 4 years in said career I was the ONLY white community member, I fully believe the ONLY WAY to come together is to embrace other cultures. That is the only way, NOT one way.

  14. Wow. I am not, nor ever was a part of the BLM Movement. I was rejected by them. (I only recently dyed my hair in this shade). I never met Patrice, nor have ever spoken to or know her at all.

  15. You will never get any answers from BLM, they are happily living in the mansions that gullible people bought them. Their money went to pay people to riot and terrorize communities. They paid people to corrupt elections through ballot harvesting and fraudulent ballot counting with the help of companies like Facebook. BLM is a domestic terror organization and you can tell your children that.

  16. Fix Yourself (Personal Responsibility):
    -Make sure you do not sleep too late.
    -Get up early.
    -Clean and organize your house.
    -Do exercise to stay fit and healthy.
    -Stop interrupting random people.
    -Stop forcing random people to love you.
    -Stop comparing yourself to others.
    -Stop being a spoiled narcissist.
    -Have gratitude.
    -Have self-discipline.
    -Make peace with your family and your friends.
    -Take every opportunity that is given to you.
    -Get to school on time.
    -Get to college on time.
    -Get to work on time.
    -Stay educated.
    -Save up money without wasting it.
    -Pay your house bills on time.
    -Drive responsibly.
    -Do not drink alcohol.
    -Do not do drugs.
    -Do not gamble.
    -Do not have too much sugar.
    -Do not have too much sex.
    -Do not have kids out of wedlock.
    -Do not join any radical groups.
    -Do not commit crimes.
    I have a message for confused human beings around the world of every generation especially the younger generation coming from a young man myself born in 1998. I believe the younger generation needs to fix themselves rather than trying to fix other people in this world because in my honest opinion you cannot fix people it is up to people to fix themselves period.

  17. Well first off you shouldn't have any black children . That's your first mistake . No matter how great of a parent you are no matter how great of a father you are they are still going to call you a racist they're still going to call you a white supremacist so why put yourself in that position and why put your overall family in that position . And not just the woke general public but your own children will do that as well . I'm sure when you adopted these beautiful young black children they were beautiful white children that need to adopted as well and you chose to adopt these beautiful black children so now you deserve everything you get . Because you may believe white people are judging you . But I assure you black people are going to judge you 10 times harsher . In your mind you believed you adopted these children to give them a good home in a stable family . Back to the black community you adopted these children so could you could hold yourself up as a white savior . And honestly I'm going to have to agree with the black community you adopted these children so you could hold yourself up as a white savior and to me that's disgusting !

  18. dont hold your breath. youre going to be called all manner of vile names for having black children live in your 'white supremacy' based home. since this video was released the answer to your question about the millions ($) raised in support of the BLM organization, Patrice used the money for some pretty fancy homes for herself…

  19. Given the recent coverage regarding their at best questionable and to most the unethical usage of donations/funding to the benefit of their family and friends…I think you have the answers to your questions.

  20. The chances that he would receive a civil from the BMs, or to have constructive dialogue with these thugs is slim to none. Probably figuring that the guy was white they ignored him, the alternate option is a bleep filled tirade. One took possession of a mansion, so helping black people is low priorities to the bm thugs. The horrible ways that BMs treat people of other races, other lives matter more

  21. Their actions speak for themselves. Their refusal to return calls is also very telling. So is the 'we are trained marxists' statement. They will take your money though, if you are dumb enough to give it to them.

  22. Clearly everything they said they stood for was a lie. Just smoke to confuse while they commit their crimes to overthrow our nation by corrupting it from within. It’s just Marxism by another name.

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