September 21, 2023
A Guide for White People Supporting Black Lives Matter | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Jaboukie Young-White and break down the difference between symbolic gestures and real action in fighting racial …


26 thoughts on “A Guide for White People Supporting Black Lives Matter | The Daily Social Distancing Show

  1. We shouldn’t support it. Don’t ever support people who tell you to ignore race and then turn around to base everything on race. But if you put funny colors on it and put it on a flag, put some slang and rap songs behind it… BOOM NUMBA 1 TRENDING IN AMERICA

  2. I have a black family and stress me a lot and I was sick and they made me have High BP. So blacks, I can’t support black lives matter because I don’t wrong blacks for this kind of stuff ok!

  3. I like that you white people or supporters and I like how celebrities are supporters do like black celebrities or white celebrities like this is so grow up I’m gonna become a president because I’m gonna enter Black Lives Matter it shouldn’t be president saying black lives don’t matter it should be a president that said Black Lives Matter

  4. The white race is musk. The black race is dusk. They are earthy attributes. They poisoning us with sugar so the racists can't smell each other. That is def leopard song pour some sugar on me. It's really unhealthy and we need to stop poisoning us with sugar.

  5. It comes down to the community you live in and what the issues are.

    I lived in a rural part of northwest AZ when the video emerged of George Floyd… Every human being I came into contact with openly talked about it, and 90% of what people were saying about it was that they think it's funny and that Mr Floyd deserved everything that came his way… Of course that was a VERY conservative town and if I'm being honest was mostly white Americans with a VERY territorial chip on their shoulder in most regards.
    So in that context, it's one thing, I wouldn't shut up about pro black issues back then, because most of the people were white and explicitly anti black in their sentiment which being born in California Is something I never agreed with and felt strongly enough about it that I felt entitled to speak about it because I was in a context where I genuinely was the only one who disagreed with the local consensus. The local consensus being: "MR FLOYD DOESN'T EVEN BELONG IN THIS HERE COUNTRY SAME LIKE ALL 'EM LIBERTARDS!!!!" and that he deserves death…

    Now I currently live in a large city, that actually is somewhat diverse, it's a different dynamic, I would take a step back on it today.

    It's like, are you pro black lives matter because you want to see black Americans better their own situation without these ridiculous obstacles? Or are you pro black lives matter because you want white Americans to see how much they lack common empathy?
    Both are valid, but only in certain contexts and communities.

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