August 14, 2022

20 thoughts on “A Stolen Sacred African Mask Has been Sold for 4.2M Euros in France Despite Protest

  1. Just how sad ,just sad ,hope they recover all of it ,what’s worse they act like Africa was not gonna develop without white ppl ,like all we have was invented by white ppl

  2. This happened because Africans have NO POWER, so this is how we’re treated, and until we stop asking for POWER, and start TAKING IT BACK, then all we’ll be doing is begging, and their answer is NO!

  3. The Reason's why these items are for sale ( at such high monetary valuations ) is to make those who want these items at this time in HISTORY pay these high prices for what belongs to them, ( all part of the prevailing conspiracy ),,,.

  4. Boy these muzungus not only thieves
    Have the nerve to sale African stolen art. Don't worry all those stolen African arts will make there way back home to Africa sooner than later
    Why would something that's ur history because muzungus don't have a history with art

  5. Christian's are supposed to believe that these artifacts are evil. False idols. I figured Africans didn't want it since they think their old traditions are evil

  6. we have weak africans, who just talk and fart with their mounth, you tell a billioners by words that u demand wht they stole, f, you got african leaders who sits and dine with them asian whole people and they dont ever wish to go back to us n fight for us, as they had got themselves in debt of west,How they took it,its how we get them. not this nonsense talks that u demansing, while we fail to demand our leaders to pay attention to basic needs

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