September 28, 2021

26 thoughts on “A White and Black Christian Discuss Race

  1. Christianity reverses oppression and earthly concepts of superiority. "Not so with you. Instead, whoever
    wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your
    slave- just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." -Matthew 20:26

  2. as far as i understand about islam everyone gas to heaven is they are muslim regardless of race. in christianity we go to heaven if we have repented and believe in what christ did for us regardless of race. so not sure why frank said christianity is the only faith that the solution to race. and judaism in its talmudic teachings does suggest a anti black position so they are definitely not inclusive of all races either.i like how christians leave out judaism when they speak of religions. judaism is not from god. we can criticise the garbage in that religion as well

  3. What we've had till now is forced integration. If multiculturalism is such a great thing, people would seek it out naturally. But we don't, we do the opposite. Its an ugly thing to say, but as i see it, there's only one solution. Geographical separation. Where in the Bible does it state that we MUST live amongst each other?

  4. I just love frank so much!! That is brilliant thought to have people invest in low income housing and receiving a tax credit. That needs to happen in California where the homeless problem is astronomical. The govt is struggling to address the issue and coming up with temporary solutions that ultimately fail.

  5. Allen is very “off” in terms of his view on systemic racism. It seems he’s not asking himself and those who he may have learned from the right questions. Homework rates aren’t equal between “race” groups. So arguing school funding, when certain people don’t value education in terms of prioritizing homework and behavior. Is deeply short sighted to say the least. He looks at stats and doesn’t see all of the “why” facts! Do we see the same level of violence and impact in white communities? Do we see the same harsh outcomes on families?

  6. Watching this video and reading replies it is depressing how good the far-right grievance machine is.

    Essentially unscrupulous politicians and hacks have used CRT / intersectionality as a vehicle for their supporters' amorphous grievances against progressive politics. So much so that people are regularly stating in comments that CRT & intersectionality are synonymous with those grievances.

    The reality is when pushed they have not the first clue about either. Just some half-baked talking points they heard on Fox News or wherever. Turek, of course, being a brain dead is parroting those same talking points with the critical thinking of a 2-year old.

    All quite depressing. Not at all surprising.

  7. MOST people couldn’t care less about race today. That’s a fact. Unfortunately the American left needs to keep it alive for votes and continual division. Marxism uses class warfare. American Marxism (Democrat Party) uses race, gender, sexuality, vaccinated/unvaccinated and every other difference they can find. You have a media, social media, big tech, Hollywood, professional sports and the public school system all playing into this false narrative. The Democrat Party will destroy this country. It’s literally happening right now before our eyes and race is one tool they’re using. Wake up people, you’re being duped.

  8. Frank has said on many other videos that Adam named all the animals on the 6th day when Scripture clearly says Adam named the animals after day seven. Frank actually makes a joke of Adam. He's so wrong about that particular Scripture and how he discredits Genesis I'd call his judgment into question.

  9. What a freaking waste of time this video is. Make the most of this cursed world you live in and be wise as a serpent but gentle as a dove. Serpents wait and strike when the moment is right remember that.

  10. As a Christian I feel like we would not have a racial problem in American if the church had not endorsed it theologically. When the churches endorsed theological both in slavery and in Jim Crow. What it did was it gave a god endorsement to a evil. And we are suffering the repercussions of that evil. Because the church refused to Address the issue of racism and injustice.

  11. In the part where they were discussing media coverage and social media coverage of police brutality because everybody has a cell phone now and can record things and share them, I believe a lot of people that have an opportunity to record, or do record instances where white people are the victims, they're afraid to share it because then they will be demonized because it doesn't fit the narrative. In other words, I think bad things are happening to white people as well, but we're just not seeing it in its fullness because people are afraid that they're going to be called racist if they talk about it or show it. Just like Frank Turek's friend who wrote an article about the white guy in Dallas was persecuted for bringing up a non-black brutality topic.

  12. I have an honest question. If a system is racist, shouldn’t it be racist against all minority groups or at least most of them? Yet….. we don’t we hear Asians talk about the unfair incarceration rates in Asian majority communities?

    We don’t we hear Hispanics complain about employment opportunities because of their Hispanic sounding name?

    We don’t hear Indian communities complain about unfair schooling practices in majority Indian communities.

    In all sincerity, why does it feel like the African American community is the only community that view all systems as oppressed and oppressor?

    Or why don’t we

  13. The value of an employee is what he or she can do. Period. The ONLY value of "diversity" is to allow your company lawyers to defend your company when someone complains that an insufficient number of protected class individuals are not being hired. CRT is a Marxist based idea designed to divide people so that those who are feeling disadvantaged can have the government step into their lives and make them "more equal." How Orwellian can you get? If I start running my mouth to a police officer, I expect to get hit on the head with something hard and painful. That's why I say, "yes sir" and "no sir." Sadly, black people are willing slaves even today.. to the Left. The fact that someone felt this was a good idea should tell you all you need to know. Better to spend two hours reading the Bible, and not listening to a bunch of deeply embedded social programming, based on political victimhood identification.

  14. ONE GOOD EXAMPLE is the tribalism in my home country of South Sudan🇸🇸 ( the world's youngest nation ). The people their have never even heard about racism, just Blacks on Blacks judging themselves unfairly based on their cultural differences but at the end they are all Black people of a one nation

  15. Only humans in our sin could make something as simple and vain as race into something worth sensationalizing. Much like the beautiful differences in the variety of trees in nature, race should be celebrated for its uniqueness and reflection of God’s creative genius. Anyone ever think to ask if Jesus ever spoke about it? Newsflash, He didn’t because it fails in comparison to the need of salvation. We’re all important and loved in His eyes, regardless of color. Last time I checked, none of us chose what race we would be when we were born, lol. Also, do you ever wonder if there will be race in Heaven? Stay focused on God and He will direct your path! God bless!

  16. I agree with both of them on CRT. It’s wrong, and definitely goes against the Gospel if their using this intersectionality model. I don’t know if it’s actually being taught in schools other than college? Or if this is just another wedge issue for both political sides? But I also agree with Allen about the part- if people are trying to get rid of teaching curriculum about the civil rights act and slavery completely, because they don’t want their ancestors to look bad I’m not for that. People my age grew up learning about that in history class in the early 2000’s. It’s a part of American history, yes even though it was ugly it must be taught. If it’s not taught we wouldn’t learn about any of the abolitionist or brave freedom riders/sit ins whom many of them that were white fought alongside their black brothers and sisters for their equality. Getting rid of this wouldn’t be right. Just like getting rid of some of these historical statues. I didn’t agree with the confederacy it’s ugly history but it still American history. I don’t like history being erased at all. I think that’s very dangerous and wish more people would respect and learn from history instead of getting rid of it.

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