September 22, 2023
Abandoned In Africa | Trailer #livinginsenegal #repatriation

Rejected but Determined. Left in changed my . This unintentional #repatriation journey has led me to many …


18 thoughts on “Abandoned In Africa | Trailer #livinginsenegal #repatriation

  1. Sis! Much love to you! You have a fantastic attitude. You're strong and as a chosen Israelite of the Most High God, you have been called to greatness. Keep pushing, keep inspiring, keep leading by example and never give up. You're protected.

  2. Wow . I just watched the t3 interview.. I applaud your courage and perseverance. I know it can also be quite difficult having the kids and supporting financially. I don’t know if you have already tried. But on Fiverr site you can do diff jobs and they pay in dollars. You might be good at doing voice overs or writing scripts or any other talent you have that job openings are needed for

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