December 1, 2021

31 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: AZ audit reaffirms Biden win; Booster shot rollout; BTS exclusive

  1. ABC News should be sued for Liable and shut down by the FCC. 'America's Number One News Source' is a complete lie and the Cable Ratings sheets over the last 10+ years prove it.

  2. The audit didn't affirm a Biden win. That's what someone would hear if that's all they were capable of hearing. It's amazing how so many Dems focused only on some sound bites and headlines that the audit found that Biden actually had 368 more votes. I listened to the entire Arizona election audit results presentation and it was clear that many anomalies are still unexplained including tens of thousands of potential duplicate, fake, or illegal ballots and critical files deleted from election machines immediately before the audit . It's clear that Maricopa County was able to withhold and obstruct the audit enough to make it inconclusive FOR NOW. What the Dems and leftist media have overlooked or suppressed is that the auditors produced a list of very specific questions to be answered and evidence that needs released in order to reach conclusions. This list seems to be EXACTLY what the AG needed to conduct criminal investigations. Now, the list has been referred to the AG.  Here come the whistleblowers that'll talk to save their own hides from prison time.

  3. Reading the comments. The cult is alive and well. To them the only thing that matters, is what Donald Trump thinks and says. Donald Trump won Texas, now he wants an audit of the votes in Texas. This is BS. The Republican party is going to say from now on. If they lose an election. It must be fraud because Donald Trump said so. They're trying to destroy democracy.

  4. You'll find out how thick it is they are only about a hundred thousand short of desertification they've already passed laws to do it it's going to be pulling back the electors and then what are you going to say it's fake news too

  5. This is only the interim report. Grooming America with fake news. They speak of vote count not illegal vs legal vote count.

    This audit is not over – it’s just beginning – she is reporting false conclusion of present day summary on count only.

  6. Do these networks not realize we witnessed the unbelievable fraud that took place, now we have to audit all 50 states under the command of the legitimate commander in chief? The idea of these audits are to see how badly the media will perpetuate the fraud. We know what we saw and we also know January 6th was funded by the media just so they'd have something to report on. We are all well aware of the false flags. The military has all the evidence. Let's see how the media rolls with this…

  7. This is a lie! Just 1 example: the audit found Maricopa County "verified and approved" ballots even when the signature box was left unsigned. 23,344 people reported moving before mail ballots went out in October. The auditors also found 17,000 duplicate ‘early mailing’ ballots, and 5,000 people voting in multiple counties.

  8. True. The hand count was like they said,when you recount the illegal ballots. What is not said is of those ballots 23,344 mail-in ballots from persons no longer living at that address 17,322 duplicate ballots, which surged AFTER the election 2,382 voters who voted in-person but had moved out of Maricopa Co 2,081 voters moved out of state. The election was corrupt. Not to mention all the criminal laws broken. Chain of custody, erasing databases etc. Audit did not show Biden won. It shows that it never should have been certified.

  9. ABC and all the other media are lying to you America!!! Fraud was found in the Arizona audit and they aren't reporting it!!! Tell the world and show how corrupt the media is!!! They can't be trusted…EVER!!!

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  11. If the auditors aren't experts then how can you report on the your news channel that Biden really won AZ????? FAKE NEWS! THIS IS WHY I BANNED YOUR NEWS IN MY HOME!

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