About Us

Information is the blood of a healthy society. Any culture or people who do not take information seriously will remain enslaved by their own fears, corrupt ideologies, and other unethical people. Afro-Conscious Media is a news and information aggregating website. Our aim is to provide information that is relevant to increasing Black Consciousness.

We are inspired by the undying Spirit of our ancestors and revolutionary thinkers such as Marcus Garvey, Steve Biko, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X. However, in thinking beyond Atheism and Religion we recognize that there is a Great Spirit that created everything in the physical universe. That Spirit created the Elements, and Life, and through Life it created Humans. Human understanding is limited for a purpose because before we can ever hope to understand the Great Spirit we must first understand ourselves and Life.

We know from history that humanity is capable of great evil and gross inequities. We also know that such evil and inequities are the result of the mechanisms of Life; namely Fear and Desire. Without the benefit of universal awareness, it would appear to us that Life is unethical and inherently evil but is it? We are Life just like those of us who seek to kill, colonize, or enslave us. The difference is Conscience, which is a product of the Great Spirit acting within all humans. Some humans are simply suppressing their Conscience using the various Ideologies that they have developed around race and cultural superiority.

The prerogative of Life is to survive and thrive at all costs. Afrakans are Life’s first humans and we don’t intend to go extinct at the hands of Life’s primary mechanisms; Desire and Fear. Without the guidance of the Great Spirit Want and Desire generates Dependency and Addiction. In these mental conditions Afrakans have become corrupted by money, sex, and power. Furthermore, these conditions thrive by maintaining ignorance (withholding of knowledge) within a society.

Knowledge is the cure for our present condition. We must adapt and thrive as Life demands but first we must learn to harness Life’s mechanisms so that we may live with Fairness, Equity, and Accountability. This is done through the guidance of the Great Spirit, which is forever acting on our Conscience. We must also attack our oppressors and the unethical among us by targeting their consciences. Bring all their evil deeds to “light” because they still have a conscience hidden deep inside them. Gain and spread knowledge, the Great Spirit will do the rest.

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