October 9, 2023
Activist draws attention to looted African art through unconventional method

43 thoughts on “Activist draws attention to looted African art through unconventional method

  1. Return the damn pieces! They are NOT your countries property. They were stolen hundreds of years ago by civilizations colonizing African tribes. They wouldn’t like it if the queen’s crown and old vintage paintings were to be in Africa’s museums would they??😐

  2. I’m personally glad they were stolen, had they not been stolen and preserved they would have been destroyed or looted in one of the many wars. Now we still have them to be returned same with Egypt.

  3. I like how the reported sounded surprised he was arrested and charged for the crime he committed.

    Just so you know, people outside the USA are actually accountable for the crimes they commit. Who would have thought!

  4. Looted? Stolen? I think the people who took the stuff would say conquered — it was a legal rule. The rule of conquest ended thankfully after WWII with the United Nations. Russia seems to have forgotten that recently with Ukraine.

  5. Give these people back their artifacts. it is not yours you don't get to say, after you stole from them. That you're going to lend them their property that's nonsense. 👎🏼🙆🏻‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🖤💛♥️👺🔥👺🤬 is very demonic and very evil to steal something that doesn't belong to you and want to hold on it when you knew that you stole from a group of people for nothing more than the color of their skin brutally murder them kill the women and the children because of their color. But you can't stay out of their country at the same time when they're not in your country they're in their own so you decide to steal their artifacts. And then display and brag about what you stole really 💯‼️👎🏼🤡👺🔥👺🔥🤬🤧😤👎🏼

  6. Too funny don't u fucking ASSCLOWN s have anything better to do wtf U moved here don't u want to see it or better yet send the s*** back and you with it sounds like a better agenda to me

  7. Just seeing this story on ABC a month later on GMA. I back him and the other activists 💯💯💯%! Take it all back home because it was STOLEN!

  8. you know what's insane? they stole 90% of the art but only 5% of that is on display, 85% of it is stored away in basements with nobody even being able to view it.

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