March 23, 2023
Activists Who Stole FBI Documents in 1971 Revealing COINTELPRO Speak Out

01/08/2014 One of the great mysteries of the Vietnam War era has been solved. On March 8, 1971, a group of activists …


36 thoughts on “Activists Who Stole FBI Documents in 1971 Revealing COINTELPRO Speak Out

  1. @7:44 All who know all and what #Aries rules… know that was the High Side of the sign!

    In church, pastor used to say "Tell the truth and shame the Devil." and "The Truth shall set you Free."

    Then you get grown to hear others say "The truth Hurts." The u be like 'which is it??'

    As a kid two adults argued about who's more courageous: truth-seekers or truth-speakers?

    Watching this? We say both!!

  2. @14:04 is the statues-of-limitations up? It must be.

    They got away with IT…how?? They aren't African-American.

    African-Americans, hopefully they don't think ALL white ppl are racists. Good sane white folks were needed to help free the oppressed back Then; and looks like they'll be needed now and in the future.

  3. 'Don't understand. They tell us to hate black people. Yet @31:11 [they] seemed to be obsessed with Them! Aren't you supposed to be #repelled by that which you hate? Not fascinated with Them …perpetually drawn to them! Preying on them!

    "Churches??" Really?? Y monitor there?? "What" did they suppose was being said in there? Other than praising Jesus!

    There's a former TV producer on here, #DBrad that reports on how [they] watched the old #BET to SEE what African-Americans were watching, and assess it. Again, completely and utterly obsessed with a people and a culture they MISTREAT and supposedly HATE. Huh??

    If you are Sane you are NOT magnetized to something or someone you don't like; you're just Not.

    Where's the sane logic in racism??

  4. Organised Rights and anti war protesters being the biggest threat to America translates as the bigggest threat to the new world order and there agenda falling to bits,no on is organised anymore apart from the new world order itself but the citizens are so apathetic and ignorant and join groups that tjemeselves are intelligence operations like black lives matter

  5. The biggest lie we're told from youth is that there are three levels of government. That is not true. There are four. The executive, legislative and judiciary are there to serve the fourth the citizenry. The Constitution is a contract to manage the country on their behalf. When the three fail to fulfill their obligations as outlined, the contract becomes null and void; and the power returns to the unwieldy citizenry.

    United Press International Outside View: The citizen's manifesto.

    These activists were acting in the interests of the citizenry. The state was in complete disregard of the Constitution and could be classified as failed because the police authority was holding the elected and appointed government hostage with threats and intimidation. After this citizens seizure of supporting documents, the legislative branch became somewhat functional again.

  6. You see Liberty, Truth, and Justice for all. America it’s time to wake up and let’s really get our act together. As a person of color we can no longer protest and riot. It’s time for action and the only form of action is peacefully organizing and challenging the real true issue which is classism. Racism is just the sub plot to distract us from focusing on the the real problems which is the have and the have nots. I get it that racism played a terrible part in our history but we are capable now to correct this measures. If get rid of classism then how can racism really exist?

  7. I do not care what their story is or who they really are. I have to celebrate their action. Their willingness to risk their lives for something so important. This is as high as records of real aliens. Not saying they are real, but if it was a breaking story you would believe it.

  8. En Ferrol Galicia se.esta aplicando esto.
    Es una población de.65.000personas , 6 campamentos de venta de drogas al por mayor , sectas religiosas opus dei y la mayor base militar de.España.
    Pero también con un alto índice de suicidios, desaparecidos y acosos de diversa índole, diagnósticos siquiátricos de esquizofrenia elevados .Ahora sé que lo que vivo es real y tiene nombre . A mí la policía no me cogió la denuncia.
    a darle repercusión y mucho ruido sobre lo que pasa en 2020 .
    Un saludo

  9. It's may 4th 2021, and this has 63,906 views.
    James Charles gets more attention. This country is doomed if we don't change the way we work on a cultural level.

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