September 17, 2023


  1. We are all here Seti we love you, the Real Kings and Queens only want the truths from the Best like You and Neeley fuller jr, Young Pharaoh, Malcholm X Patrice Lamumba Megar Evers Steve Cokley Khalid Muhammad Dr Sebi Dr Joy Leary John Henry Clark and some more of the Kings and Queens that I missed Francese cress welsing Marcus Garvey and so many more Great Men and Women, we are done with the Nigga mess we are behind enemy lines we are all prisoners of war and we all know by now,Peace and Blessings to you and your beautiful family

  2. Seti you are right because I watched A program on PBS channel Africans been here we been on the Waters we didn't need a compus to show us the way to travel we just knew and we taught it to our family Seti we love you so much for all of this information so let's get it

  3. This has been on my mind heavy for the past week or so and until I awoke this morning. What I have seen in a vision about the circles of rock and the manipulation of rock. The General has spoken the answer to the rock formations and IT IS AMAZING! Listen!!! Do you hear?!! Our ancestors are beyond amazing. The answer was shown to me in the vision before I awoke and General SETI broke it down. ASTROLOGICAL locations.

  4. I appreciate this brother so much. Most of us have been made so sleep, sensitive, & dumb that they can't handle the message. This is ONLY for those that TRULY wanna be liberated from this beast!!

  5. Greetings!! To all indigenous youths, whose ancestors from the equator. The general is speaking equator civilization and culture, these cultures are so ancient on the equator Indonesia, Papa New Guinea,Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, The Tropics. Now beautiful indigenous ones,all of the above is ancient right!! but there are ones that are more ancient than ancient,these are Uganda, the Kongo,Rwanda. Remember beautiful ones,you will find the ancient of ancient ones footprint [cultures/civilization] in the ancient,but you will NEVER find the ancient footprint [cultures/civilization] in the ancient of ancient. WHY??.

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