December 3, 2021

47 thoughts on “Adin Ross & Zias Reacts to iShowSpeed COMING OUT on Stream…

  1. Aiden it's not just talking it's being serious and to keep it a 100 with you that content shit does play a large roll cause this is his job something he does all day so don't act like you ain't play a large role gang just stop playing with the kid let his mom finish raising him he need a strong support system

  2. Why’s everyone tryna tell him what he is, let him decide what he likes/doesn’t like it’s his life. Adins someone speed should keep close he seems like he wants what’s best for speed

  3. Love is a very real thing; however, people nowadays only chase lust and they don’t save themselves. People aren’t pure, they just sleep around and break people’s hearts, and that bad karma comes back.

  4. Everyone deserves love, happiness, and respect. Gotta let people do their thing 🤷🏼‍♂️ I hope that everyone finds the strength to do what truly makes them happy; even if that means you might not be excepted by your friends or some people.

  5. And yes adin does have a big part to play as he introduced the energy hat was previously not around.

    And it would be one thing if adin wasn't noticed for "sus" things.

    So YES, it does give off the vibe HEAVILY that adin is teetering with his sexuality potentially as well, because it makes viewers like me ask the question:

    "What environment does adin hang around in enough to where when he's not with them that gives him those kinds of connects and ideas???"

    So yeah it does reflect this back on adin objectively no matter what he says, he would have done better not answering Zia's question on stream and leaving that for private.

    Btw, don't have an issue if speed, adin or both are not heterosexual fully or at all from a societal standpoint, they grown men who can do whatever.

    I'm just asking the tough questions and elephants in the room I know most people on these smaller channels don't have the kohones to at LEAST CHECK, which will leave me looking like the bad guy I'm sure, but someone needs to at least make sure if they genuinely care.

    And that's what I respect about Zia's, he is saying without saying (to protect his image on SM) exactly what I am, so don't think I'm saying anything that wasnt said in that meeting they had off camera between men.

  6. He may need to be around some women and men and talk, cause it sounds like he's channeling this through hurt…

    Gonna be honest, he could still be gay or bi or whatever.

    But too many young people channel their trauma through sexuality and in this day and age it's TOO easy to use it as the scapegoat without dealing with mental health that may be affecting them.

    That doesn't directly correlate to sexuality choice I think, but it's not good to go into any relationship or change in lifestyle THIS BIG without first knowing 100% you're not just channeling your trauma, hurt or disappointment through your sexuality to cope and find a sense of belonging or something that isn't genuine.

    That's as much true when you acting straight as when you act any sexuality. To escape something from yourself you don't want to think.

    And cancel culture and toxic people WITHIN the LGBTQ and places like Twitter (not the LGBTQ as a whole but people within it who are toxic and into shaming anything hetero-) has made it impossible to even SUGGEST someone is channeling hurt and trauma through avenues like this. Whether they really do identify as xyz or not.

    The way he handled this was off from a psychological perspective, speed BEEN looks like he was battling mental health and stuff serious (and as the black community often messes up as, nobody questioned it and just thought it was either all acting or he was weird and I bet no one was even seeing this coming but many people saw his demeanors we're off).

  7. There’s no problem with him being “gay”, it’s that we aren’t sure if he’s really gay, or just confused. (Or at least willing to date someone with male genitals, even if they’re trans)

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