September 18, 2021

39 thoughts on “Advice to Women Moving to Africa from Sister Destiny Live Raw and Uncut – Ghana June 2021 Journey

  1. I can see I can see that if you going to bring another woman into relationship she need to be bringing something to the relationship that y’all both want depends on the relationship vs versa we can all come up .

  2. She needs to start a channel too. An African man will care for her wife, but as a woman, do not ever try to take control over him, you'll run into real trouble with him. An African man is raised to be the head.
    I wish to see his face, why is he not showing his face on camera?
    The African man is raised to provide for the home. No woman should make her man lazy by giving him money.

  3. Exactly playing hard to get in Ghana won't work for Ghanaian men lol so American and the UK women there you have.
    My ni99a is waiting for his US Citizenship lol Ghana men don't mess around I know Paloma is near the ring road.

  4. Going back home to Africa is for healing, Relationship and marriage in Africa is the original way it’s supposed to be.
    Africa is not for single parenting or mothers, if you look around the communities u will find contentment and happiness in all families that involves women or mothers. Feminism is not acceptable in Africa society which why if any African American single mothers are returning they should find a way to reconcile with their “first love” or the “father of their children’ or maybe ‘baby father” and bring them back home for healings and single mothers are seen in Africa as a “money bag”.
    Drop the feministic lifestyle or thinking and return back to original womanhood and stay happy with your man with “external influence” because I tell you the truth. African traditions and culture will always be Africa when the western feministic culture is falling apart.
    Look at how divorce rate is high in America because of the child support mentality imbibed on womanhood.

  5. The queen said it all ❤️👑 all those yardi yardi bitches be ready to serve your Kings stop shaking your booty on the internet course it belongs to the King 👑 🦁.

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