October 18, 2021

24 thoughts on “Afghan Refugees to Get Welfare While Black Voters Continue To Get NOTHING

  1. First the Asians, then the Mexicans are now getting a Hispanic Heritage Month which starts on the 15th now the Afghans who don’t like black people either just another group looking to leapfrog over us all many of our spellbound people better wake up and fast

  2. Cuz you ain't black if you don't vote for Joe Biden and at some point black the community has to look in the mirror and I'm going to say this and it's harsh but you get what you vote for you put this guy in office you deserve what you get 👍👍💯

  3. Theoretically speaking, the Taliban tried to do all they can, to do as much as they can, by doing black people in America a favor to stop Afghan refugees from coming to America to economically advance themselves to be ahead of black people. Don't be surprised when we witness the first, second, and third generation of Afghan-Americans forming gangs and looking down on the ADOS population.

  4. Bipartisan support for bringing them in. But lets see how many BA are going to vote for whatever rhetoric that gets tossed out when the time comes. They already got people with the "Evil Orange Kool-Aid' Man". You voted for this and NOW you get bypassed. No use crying now you were warned. Now, WHAT WILL YOU DO going forward? That is the question.

  5. Black misleadership, we know who they are must be confronted and told that they no longer speak for us, this must happen first before we can pressure the dominant society to do right by Black people. Great commentary, Shawn.

  6. The election of H0£ Biden shows that many Tiwaniyan black Americans have lost their survival instinct giving power to their enemy and anyone who voted for him should not complain Biden told them he was going to do nothing in addition to his vp harris

  7. I'm not shocked at all but I am getting prepared for an attack because you know there are sleeper cells coming along to attack from within the country. Black folk will still vote Democrat again in 2024.

  8. Jeremiah 17:5- Thus says the Lord, “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind And makes flesh his strength, And whose heart turns away from the Lord.

    Psalm 146:3- Do not trust in princes, In mortal man, in whom there is no salvation.

  9. The only thing Joe Biden is giving to black people is a capital "F": for Fools, Failures, Filthy, Fiends, Foul, etc.

    In other words, Joe Biden is staying true to his message to black people: "F YOU, you know what(s)".

  10. Malcolm X already told you Handkerchief Head’s,that he had more Respect for a Devil that told on himself (Trump),The Liberals Demoncrats are very Dangerous & have been working Against us since the late 1960’s! SMDH Stop Voting Handkerchief Head’s,when you keep Voting for Satan Himself you let the Enemy know that,you still got Faith in this Satanic System 🤔

  11. We been told these Handkerchief Head’s no Vote @ All! These Demoncrats Finessed this Election with the Dominion Computer Voting System & Some Tethers Anchor Babies etc The C👀ngressional Caucus a Running Joke! They don’t have to give us Justice,But America will be Destroyed if they don’t!

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