September 22, 2021

38 thoughts on “Afraka: colonizer's Favourite Vacation Spot

  1. When the Afrakan Leaders act like they have commonsense, and actually care about their own people, and their own land, they'll put an end to the modern-day eurocasians invasions. Until then, they will continue to let them come in as long as their pickets are being lined. A bunch of crooks incharge of some of the countries over there!

  2. I wanted to reply to another one of your video but you disabled the comments (about leaving Tanzania).
    I find it really disturbing how you care so much about skin color. You expect Africans to treat you differently because you are black, also your video is for black people, the Africans with dark skin. Why this obsession about your skin??

    Also, you said in your video that you need to find people with your culture to feel at home. I disagree with you.
    I am from Belgium and lived a year in South Korea, and I have met my best friend there, I had never felt as much home as when I was living in South Korea.
    You are sharing YOUR experience and how you failed at making connections because you are so focus on skin color, countries and culture appropriation.
    We are all human beings. Who cares where you were born, what color is your skin, or what belief system you have?
    As you have traveled in different countries, you should have realized that we are all fundamentally the same, we all laugh, cry, love, and share the same emotions.

    You are beautiful as you are, I am beautiful as I am, and everybody else is also beautiful as they are.
    Please, treat everybody the same.

  3. Be an advocate my sister and get a few other to joined you about educating our people. If the Africans cannot see whats is happening to their own country why should people from the diesporia be that concern?? Africa is full with incompetentent leaders who dont care one DAMN about their people. Most of the leaders are puppet leaders. The citizens are whitewashed, they love the white foreigners and WELCOME them to take over Africa. They dont see the danger of whats is happining. The LACK
    VISION, both the leaders and citizens are VISIONLESS, EYES BUT THEY SEE NOT. THE ALMIGHTY HE WILL LET OUR ENEMIES RULE OVER US UNTIL WE COMES TO.OUR SENSES. African is always rebelling against their own, instead.of their COLONIZERS. They supposed to get rid of these people, build a fence against them but instead the WELCOME the enemies, when all the enemies try to do is to take TAKE OVER AGAIN. Even if the leaders are sellout, the citizens should be the ones monotering what their leaders are doing and STAND UP AND SPEAK UP AGAINST. And its so SAD that all 54 countries are the same. The citizens are much too DOCILE. My sister if you know of any hotels or places that the local people are not welcome, its up to you to draw to some of the officials let them t

  4. Its sad that the african leaders have to learn from the Filipinos. You cannot own land as a foreigner there. And certain partnerships you have to have certain percentage with a filipino. So it appears the african leaders are selling their people out!

  5. I used to be angry and frustrated an passionate just like you BUT, anytime a Black American speak about the bs they see in Africa well the Africans get mad at us and start saying we're not African. So Black Americans just got tired of it and said let the Chinese & White people take it over..Africans are too busy trying to come to America to compete with Black Americans smmfh..

  6. What so many blacks thatโ€™s outside of Africa donโ€™t get is that Africans all over the continent want them whites and others there. Meanwhile black Americans as example is met with hostility for way for many Africans

  7. This is the reason we Africans of the Diaspora want to return to our Ancestors Land to help our people build and save the " Mother Land '.
    The Rulers of ๐Ÿ˜ˆ have been building their Kingdoms all over the Earth but it's time for their Eviction.
    First time ๐Ÿ‘€ seeing your channel. NEW subscriber. Keep doing what you're doing ๐Ÿ‘Œ your Gift from the Most High will make room for you love ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ผ

  8. This is the fault of the Government….a hotel for Polish people???????doesn't the government know about this?????? They are allowing this!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TRAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE REMAIN DUMB IN 2021!!!!!!!!!

  9. It is about the dollar. Africa must use the dollar to import and pay debt. Visit kenya to see .lokals can not buy houses in their country because some pay prices 70% above normal.

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