September 20, 2021

8 thoughts on “AfRAkan FRAktals Explain Animism

  1. @dohgonmomoh Ah ha, I get it now.
    I searched for KMT before, and got references to Egypt, but nothing specific to KMT/BLACK.
    At least now I know what to look for. 😉

  2. @tubebility I will support you with what you will do for our people. KMTian means BLACK. It is us in KMT, and it is from which KMStry (chemistry) and all caucasian knowledge was derived.

  3. I see that you posted this a while back, but if you're still active on this channel, would you tell what the significance is in using 'jU'Umblud CASe' as you have done here with words like "AfRAkan" and "MA'AThematics". I'm just curious.

  4. Thank you for being here to teach us this. I want to know. The European/American way of educating us falls short of what Africans needs. It's time we as Africans get back in touch with our intelligence. You are very appreciated.

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