September 18, 2021

19 thoughts on “AFRAKAN GODS WORSHIPPED IN INDIA & SOUTHEAST ASIA! #GeneralSeti #SaRaSutenSeti

  1. Time stamps/Notes:
    14:25: green Osiris is Buddha (god of renewal)
    20:16: 7 Stars of Orion is the 7 Nagas
    23:10: Blue Osiris is Krishna (Hinduism) (sun/sky deity) (Horus+Isis)

    29:40: Set Quote “the images are replicas in the culture in which they are presented to”

    29:59: Black Buddha
    33:43: Het Heru
    —Nut in the cow (Milky Way)
    36:44 Apedemak:
    38:50: Heru Garuda
    40:30: Bes (Monkey from the Lion King)
    God of Medicine
    49:46: Aker god of Horizon
    50:50: African Monks
    52:09: Priest Cat Skins (Leopard vs. Tigers)
    53:21: The Lotus (rebirth)

  2. AKH! You have so much content on Youtube alone. You def took me to school. I now can say i have been watching your content for a year. Only the real can attend and absorb the information at KING SETI UNIVERSITY

  3. Why I can’t purchase merchandise on the website…? It says the items I selected can’t be shipped to my address….I’m in Long Island NY….the bracelet I could buy anywhere but I want to give you my money….I’m tight right now….

  4. Buddha is not and was not considered a god. Your entire argument is bullshit. It prays on misleading angry afro-centrists to more pseudo-history.

  5. Thank you GOD for the knowledge you dropping… Its real facts … I see Dr Ben. .. And the rest of the master teachers live throw you.. Keep banging on this beast daily. .. Black Power ✊

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