Take a visual journey into African Black Caribbean Indigenous History. Share the names of the people and places you see in this photo collage shared to encourage us to “Study, Educate, Analyze Research Cultivate Heal” -SEARCH. Keep Our Culture Alive.
Celebrating and commemorating African Black History Month 2013 in the Caribbean requires an even longer visual presentation as so much started in this region and positively impacted world history and civilization.
Music from Kassav- Zouk Masters of the World (recent live concert in St. Croix)
Other music courtesy Bamboula Rhythms of Per Ankh…Special thanks to NswNebKaRa, Sn Anubi, Sn Anua, Sn Akeru, Sn Anuka, Sn Anuptah, Snt AnuMaat and Snt AnutMeri for Keeping Our Cultural Roots ALIVE!


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