September 21, 2021


  1. No need to hate on yourself fam….it's calle "Runaway Slave" with Stic Man of Dead Prez and Young Noble of the Outlaws. Check both of them out. They got fiyah music! It's REsurrection time! JUSTICE 4 TRAYVON!

  2. @materialclassified We didn't come from no chimps. sHE didn't come from no rib. WE came from HER Lips. The Black-AfRAkan womb-an is goddess(god is) & we r her divine reflection. We r a people of the oral tradition & the divine cosmic connection. As a non melanted being you have no access to this realm. Plus you have no documentation to show and prove. The Helios Biblios was written has been copied & plagiarized from original texts and sources. On top of that. Yashua looks like me. Not U.

  3. Obviously u care b/c you are wasting your innergy on affairs that do not pertain to u. The word "fag" and "gay" (happy) are recently changed into the context that you implying to use them. It's okay keep showing the world your ignorance (lack of knowledge). This video isn't for u anyway. It's for for my brothaz and siStars healing. The original mothers & fathers of civlization. Eye can't help it that the sun doesn't agree w/you. It just goes further to show who is natural and unnatural.

  4. @grem123984 Of course a melanin deficient being such as yourself will say something like this. To appreciate something of this stature will require you to learn something new. This is ourstory not his story. We know who we are. We Melanites are the original beings of the wombniverse (universe) and are not the carbon copy nor the clones. Thank you for your sentiments. We keep sit moving 4ward. Peace.

  5. So, which came first? The chickenshit, or the eggplant? Who is really living off of everyone else?
    Non-Hispanic (White) – 67% of total U.S. population- 38.8% of all welfare cost.
    Non-Hispanic (Black) – only 12% of total U.S. population- but 37.2% of all welfare cost. WOW !!!
    Hispanic – 15% of total U.S. population- 17.8% of all welfare cost.
    Asian – 4% of total U.S. population- 2.8% of all welfare cost.
    All Other – 2% of total U.S. population- 3.4% of all welfare cost.
    Have A Nice Day.

  6. At 3:29 they are showing a sucessful black man taking off the whiteness that he had on his face. Now are they saying that if you find a corporate job that you are being white?

  7. I'm wondering.. ok, Egypt (ancient agyptian mithology) is in Africa but is not exactly "African", right? I mean (correct me if I'm wrong, just trying to explain why I say this) Horus and Ra etcetera are not exactly "Black gods", right? not like for example Ngai, Anansi, Nyame, Arebati, Eshu, Nana, Obatala etcetera… right? just being curious…

  8. We come from triple stage darkness…..In the womb it's pitch black…We are the light. Black-Afrakans were the very 1st beings on the planet. The mixing came when the invaders came. We had the science and KNOWledge about mixing seeds & we knew to mix our seed would water it down. Our ancestors didn't put their enemies faces on temple walls for no reason. They are still there as we speak 4 they forsaw us going threw this period and time. Everyone is not hue (color) man. Who is man kind?

  9. 4 me 2 even press the reply buttion 2 entertain your wackness & disagreeable being is a waste. Eye'll be that "dumbass" wit yo sour soundin self. U soundin very anti nature comin like dat. His sotrically Typical. Everything has melanin. Space is made out of dark matter. Eye am a child of d S-U-N. D sun is inner/outer space. Les C U go hang out in da sun(Ra). Eye am a child of nature as my Melanites R. U chose not 2 come humbly. Don't worry the sun is gettin hotter 4 a reason. C-YA!

  10. guys, we all humans, the Moors started as Arabs and Berbers, then black Africans. Now they are mixed and live in Morocco and some parts of NorthAfrica. The term was then used in South America and parts of asia

  11. Yes there were Moors, Black-Afrakans,Nubians, Melanites all ova the planet. I'm not gettin caught up with titles. Pretty much everyone who got melanin and who ain't house nigga'ng the way around or survin massa's purpose is caught….divide and conquer got us twisted….it's healing time… ONEness… We are World Wide Natives! Indigenous

  12. Give thanks for the Love..Goddess….Is because you..the Black Womban…We are……Be sure to check out the rest and jump on the channel when you get a chance…Let's continue to Love..and Heal…and Let others know..about that God/Goddess flow…yeahhhhhhhh ONEness..

  13. 1st Song "RunAway Slave" – Stic Man of Dead Prez & Young Noble
    2nd Song – 5 Elements – M-1 of Dead Prez
    3rd Song – Black & Proud – Brand Nubian

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